Once Upon a Time—208

Into the Deep

3 stars for "Into the Deep"And here I was hoping Snow and Emma would return to Storybrooke.  I should have known better.

Emma and Snow stand together

A moment of mother/daughter bonding?

Now that Henry’s made contact with Aurora in the dreamworld, Storybrooke residents know Snow and Emma are alive; and the two have a way to get back home.  Maybe.  First they have to get past Cora.  Gold knows how the Musketeerettes can defeat Cora.  He tells Henry, who attempts to tell Aurora when they meet in dreamland again.  But Henry can’t pass the message because 1) Henry can’t control the fire (Huh?  I’m not buying their lame excuse.); and Aurora is suddenly swept away, like a tornado.  Cool.

Mulan and Aurora

Two of the Four Musketeerettes—Mulan and Aurora

Mulan had to awaken Aurora before her dream was finished because zombies are attacking.  Yes, zombies!  You see , Cora raised a zombie army to go after the princesses.  Zombies must be the the new vampires.  They’re everywhere these days.  Aurora gets taken anyway.  Cora plans to use her as ransom for the magic compass Emma retrieved in “Tallahassee.”

Snow will take Aurora’s place for the return trip to dreamworld.  Before she goes under, she and Emma have one of several heart-to-hearts, and it’s making me reconsider the lack of chemistry between them.  Perhaps Emma’s realizing her mother is pretty kick-ass

While Snow is under, Emma sleeps too.  Which allows Mulan to escape with the compass (to give to Cora in exchange for Aurora).  And this whole scene was totally unnecessary because team Storybrooke meets up with her and Snow beats the crap out of her.  Figuratively.  This Mulan is kind of annoying.

Aurora, who up until now has always been the damsel in distress, shows a lot of backbone and strength against Cora.  She even kicks her in the shin!   Suddenly Hook is there to help Aurora escape.  He tells Aurora to give Emma a message for him, that he really is a good guy.

Back in Storybrooke, Charming and Regina won’t allow Henry to return to dreamland, so Charming volunteers.  But since he’s never been under a sleeping curse, Regina and Gold prepare a potion for him.  While she’s brewing the potion, she and Henry talk about her trying not to use magic.  It’s rather sweet.  I like Regina not being the Big Bad.

It’s the spinning needle!  Have we actually seen it before?

Henry gives Charming the magic amulet and tells him to take care of it.  So, you know Charming’s going break it, right?  Yep.  He does. He’s hoping Snow will be able to break the sleeping curse with True Love’s Kiss, but they can’t touch in dreamland.  Oops.  This is a nice twist to the story.  Charming may have to wait for Snow to return to Storybrooke before she can awaken him.  Except, couldn’t Henry kiss his grandpa?  It worked for mother and son, so why not now?  Too slash for 8:00?

Cora and Captain Hook

By Crook and Hook—Cora and Captain Hook in cahoots

Aurora meets up with the other three and gives Emma Hook’s message.  But it turns out she’s being controlled by Cora.  Apparently Hook took Aurora’s heart and gave it to Cora as a gift.  What the fuck???

Geez, I’m getting whiplash from all of Hook’s back and forth.  Is he good or evil?  Personally, I’m hoping it’s all just a ruse to get back on Cora’s good side and that he’ll double-cross her in the end.  There.  I said it.  Only time will tell if I’m right or wrong.

[All photos courtesy ABC]


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