666 Park Avenue: episode 108

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

It’s interesting how one’s perspective changes when you know the series will be ending soon.  One the one hand, it’ll be nice to get some answers; on the other, I’ll be sad to see promising story lines cut short.

Crazy Jane tells Henry she's not crazy.

Crazy Jane tells Henry she’s not crazy.

Last we saw Jane, she was heading down a spiral staircase, only to have it close on her.  She ended up in what was possibly an alternate New York City.  In what may be the shortest missing persons case ever, Jane is found in a catatonic state.  Henry’s able to bring her back to reality (aw, it must be love!) but she doesn’t remember anything about her missing hours.

Apparently Jane’s penchant for wandering halls at night isn’t limited to just the Drake.  When she learns there’s another patient with symptoms similar to hers, she goes roaming through the hospital looking only him.  Turns out he’s on the violent ward.  She talks with him through a slot in the door, but he’s not terribly coherent.  Or is he?    When she returns the next night, the guy has hung himself, and written some weird symbols on the wall in what appears to be blood.

It's a standoff!  And Cooper wins by half a head!

Cooper wins the standoff by half a head.

The cute detective pulls some strings to get Jane released early.  Back home, she finds the engagement ring Henry was going to give her.  She and Nona re-bond and Nona tells her of a Drake resident who might be able to help Jane remember what happened to her.  And while this doorway looks a lot like Nona’s grandmother’s, we can tell from next week’s previews the “psychic” is  Whoopi Goldberg!

Meanwhile, Gavin has Shaw in his clutches, and Kandinsky is supposedly torturing him.  But it looks like all he’s doing is beating him up.  I mean, to me, torturing includes pulling out finger nails and cutting of ears.  (Uh-oh, what does that say about me?)  But Shaw remains steadfast and doesn’t budge on the location of the Red Box.  Until Gavin goes the psychological route pretending to me Shaw’s father.  Shaw’s left the box with a priest where his mother’s buried.  Apparently Gavin is familiar with said church and goes to visit.  As Gavin walks through the church, all sorts of strange things happen, the best being “Sympathy for the Devil” plays.  (It’s not the Rolling Stones version, but still pretty rock ‘n’ roll).  When he enters the confessional, the priest is surprised he’s able to traverse holy grounds.  So does that make Gavin a demon?  Or maybe Lucifer?

Gavin gets the Red Box back, and is ready to off Shaw.  But Shaw also  uses psychology to get what he wants.  He tells Olivia her daughter is still alive and he’ll take her to her if she releases him.  Which she does.  Which means Gavin can’t kill him.

So, if Gavin is the Big Bad Evil, does that mean Shaw is the good guy?  ‘Cause it’s not working.  Gavin may be Eeeevil, but he’s still much more interesting, and I want to root for him.  Whereas I don’t give two craps about Shaw.

As usual, I flew past the Brian-Louise-Alexis stuff, but did find that Alexis is in cahoots with Gavin.  I’m not surprised.  I’ve always suspected there’s more to Brian’s dry spell than just writer’s block.

So next week the cute detective is working with Jane and Whoopi Goldberg’s moved into the Drake.  Good times!

[All photos ccourtesy of ABC]


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