Hunteri Heroici

Is anyone else distracted by Jensen Ackles’s orange face?  Is he self-tanning?  Is it makeup?  Whatever it is, it needs to stop, because it’s interfering with my enjoyment of Teh Pretty.

"Hunteri Heroici" gets 5 stars! It’s Supernatural‘s first 5-star rating of the season!  “Southern Comfort” came close, but my enjoyment was marred by the flaming assholes on the Television Without Pity forums who think the show should be all Dean and Castiel, and no Sam.  And “A Little Slice of Kevin” probably would have gotten 5 stars if not for all its disturbing violence.

X marks the spot

X marks the spot

Yes, there was a modicum of gore in “Hunteri Heroici,” but it was funny gore.  For some reason, the exploding heart here made me laugh out loud, as opposed to “Slice of Kevin’s” exploding heart, which was dark and scary.  Maybe it was the fact that this heart was shaped like a Valentine?.

There were so many moments of glee in this episode, attempting to discuss each one would be difficult.  Not to mention lengthy.  Cartoon references overflowed with adjectives like “looney,” “daffy,” and even a “That’s all, folks,” thrown in.  Not to mention three particularly heart-felt scenes (discussed below).

Castiel is riding with the Winchesters, displaying his literal interpretation of everything (Dean:  “What’s the word, Cass?”  Castiel: “It’s the shortened version of my name.”).  Not wanting to commune with the angels, he’s decided to become a hunter.  Sam and Dean are surprised, and a little dismayed, but Cass could really be a help to them.  After all, Cass is the one who sets them on the trail of the exploding heart in Oklahoma City.

Once there, the boys learn of all sorts of strange things happening, things right out of Bugs Bunny (whom Cass believes to be some sor tof insect-rabbit hybrid).   Castiel spends some time getting to know Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, likening them to  Man’s quest to know God.

Four dudes in a bank

BJ, er Fred discusses rationality with the boys

All the strange occurrences are happening in the vicinity of various robberies, whose victims all reside at the Sunset Hills nursing home.  One such resident is B.J. Hunnicut, er Fred Jones, a psychokinetic friend of John’s.  Fred is in a semi-vegetative state, continuously watching cartoons, and changing channels with just a flick of his finger (sans remote).  We learn the doctor who runs Sunset Hills is using Fred’s ability to rob the residents.  The doctor simply draws black circles on walls which become entrances to homes, banks, safe deposit boxes.  You get the idea.

The boys catch up with Fred and the doctor mid-heist; and while Dean delights in sticking his hand through the black hole in the wall (ah, Dean, such simple pleasures amuse you), Castiel takes Sam inside Fred’s mind.  Fred says living in the real world is too hard, but Sam convinces him he needs to come back to reality.  Fred returns long enough to thwart the doctor, even forcing him to turn the gun on himself.

But Fred’s worried he’ll lose control again.  Castiel is able to defuse Fred’s psychokinesis, but it puts Fred in a permanent catatonic state.  Still, he’s happy.  Castiel  decides to stay with Fred for a few days rather than tag along with the Winchesters.  The final scene of Fred and Cass listening to “Ode to Joy” is simply beautiful.

Throughout the episode, Sam flashes back to his time with Amelia.  This time they’ve just moved into a house and Amelia’s dad comes to visit.  (And it’s Jerry from “Phantom Traveler!”)  He’s initially hostile to Sam, but eventually warms up. An Army vet, he can tell Sam’s been through the hell of war, even though Sam’s never served.

While the episode was hilarious, it was also endearing at times.  Dean shows his softer side for perhaps the first time this season.  He’s concerned about Cass’s purgatory-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He patiently listens while Castiel describes his guilt for devastating heaven.    When Sam mentions Dean to Amelia’s father, Dad asks if he’s a good guy.  And Sam replies he was “the best.”  (Where are all those Sam-haters now?  They probably tuned out during Sam’s flashbacks.  Or they’ll come up with some asinine excuse to hate him anyway.)  And then there’s Castiel, listening to “Ode to Joy” inside Fred’s head.

Based on Sam’s impassioned speech to Fred about living in a dream world, coupled with the soft focus of Sam’s memories, I’m wondering if perhaps Sam’s time with Amelia was all in his head.  It’d be a nice twist (and explain why Sam didn’t look for Dean), but I doubt that’s the way the story will play out.

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