Last Resort—108

Big Chicken Dinner

"Big Chicken Dinner" is lucky to get 2 starsAnd here Last Resort had been on a roll, with 2 of the last 3 episodes getting 5 stars.  But “Big Chicken Dinner” was pretty crappy.  It had so many holes, it might as well have been made of Swiss cheese.

Actually, it’s lucky to get 2 stars.  It gets an extra one for James crushin’ on Grace.  But Grace tells him to go back to being a jackass and she’ll go back to doing her job.

Chaplin makes like the Pilgrims and invites the islanders to share in a Thanksgiving feast of… noodles?  Fun seems to be had by all, with the islanders winning the pick-up soccer game.

Grace and Chaplin

See? Grace does wear her cover sometimes.

But the next day a young island woman, Erita, says Senior Chief Anders raped her.  You remember Anders, don’t you?  He’s the guy with the perpetual sneer in charge of the nuclear reactor who wanted to go home because of marital problems, but Chaplin wouldn’t let him because he’s the only nuke rated engineer on the boat.  To which I say, “It’s your own damn fault, Anders.  You should have ensured your people were trained.”  No sympathy here.

Chaplin appoints Grace in charge of Anders’s defense.  She interviews all sorts of folks, including the victim.  The victim is going to be represented by Julian Serrat, King Asshole.  Well, at least maybe he’ll button his shirt.

The trial is a farce.  Serrat gives an opening (or closing?) statement, followed by Grace’s opening (or closing) statement, followed by some singing.  Grace’s defense strategy is there’s no proof of rape.  (She’s right.)  But this isn’t the U.S.  and who knows what the law on Sainte Marina is.  Oh, right.  It’s caning the accused 100 times and (if he’s still alive) branding him on his neck.

Serrat in court

Julian Serrat, mayor, thug, attorney

The jury of 3 islanders, 3 sailors and 1 neutral (Sophie) find Anders not guilty.  The islanders go ape-shit, rioting, looting and burning.  It turns out Serrat rigged the jury to vote not guilty (Sophie and 2 sailors voted guilty; the islanders and 1 sailor voted not guilty); probably to to turn the islanders against the Navy.  But the Navy’s facilities are on the boat, not the island, so the islanders were burning and looting their own stuff.  Hole!

Grace reveals she was raped at the Naval Academy but was advised not to report it.  She says she can tell Erita was telling the truth, that Anders did rape her.  Grace gets Anders to admit it.  Chaplin’s going to put Anders in solitary on the boat, but Anders runs into the jungle.  I wonder if there’s a pool to see how long he’ll last.  Maybe he’ll run into the COB, who’s probably crawling his way back to port after Serrat burned his feet.

aking on the CIA and winning

Sam, Sam, Sam. What have you done?

Meanwhile, Sam is trying to soften up Booth.  Booth knows where the CIA radio is located and he’ll take Sam.  The location is so remote, it takes Sam and Booth two days to get to it.  (Yet Cortez has been there twice with no noticing she’s missing.  And she’s meeting daily with Chaplin to get nuke rated.   Hole!)  Once they arrive at the comm site, Booth fires up the radio.  Sam wants the name of the CIA operative on the boat.  Suddenly Booth says the CIA won’t give up the sleeper, and attacks Sam.  Sam is able to strike back and ends up breaking Booth’s neck!  He then burns Booth’s corpse.  Yeah, a campfire’s gonna be hot enough to burn bones, and the burning flesh isn’t going to smell at all.

In other news, Christine and Kylie bond some more, and Christine manipulates Paul into getting her on the family visitation ship (which happens next week).

And did I mention James has a crush on Grace?  😉

[All photos courtesy of ABC]


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