Season of the Hexenbiest

Hey Grimm-o-philes, I hope you  didn’t think I’d forgotten you!

4 stars for "Season of the Hexenbiest"Everyone’s favorite ex-Hexenbiest (does that make her an Exienbiest?) may have lost her magic, but she’s still wreaking havoc on Portland.  She has her hands in a lot of pies, which made for a very busy episode.

Let’s start with Monro catching Juliette and Captain Renard in their embrace.  (After all, it was Adalind’s spell that put Juliette in a coma and erased her memory of Nick.)  Actually, not much else happens because Juliette runs out of the spice shop, and Renard returns to work in a very pissy mood.

Both Monroe and Juliette call Nick saying they urgently need to talk with him.  Monroe “wins,” and consequently breaks the news to Nick.  When Juliette tries to tell him, Nick already knows.  (I’m really impressed with David Guintoli.  We haven’t seen this side of Nick before, and he vividly expresses Nick’s hurt and anger without saying a word.)

Monroe consoles Juliette

Monroe consoles Juliette

After Nick storms out, Juliette goes to see Monroe.  She remembers he was going to tell her something (that he is a Blutbat) before she went into a coma, but he is hesitant to tell her the “Grimm” truth.

Meanwhile, Adalind visits Hank to “apologize” (but not really) for drugging him last season.  Then, two of her Wesen henchmen beat up Hank badly enough to put him in the hospital.  Adalind then visits Captain Renard and tells him he has 48 hours to get  Nick’s key, or she’ll tell Nick who he (Renard) really is.

Nick learns Adalind is back in town through Hank.  Nick fears Adalind will go after Juliette, which she does.  But rather than threatening Juliette, Adalind’s quite pleasant.  Over coffee, Adalind probes Juliette’s memory of Nick’s trailer and its location.  Shortly thereafter, the police show up to arrest Adalind.  Juliette is not happy.

Renard confront Adalind

Renard confront Adalind

Monroe does a little investigating of his own.  He goes to Hank’s house, and his keen sense of smell immediately identifies the henchmen who beat Hank up as Hundjager.  Which means Adalind is working for the Verrat.

When Nick interrogates Adalind at the police station, he learns she wants his key.  As Nick confirms Adalind’s ties to the Royals, she tells Renard about Nick’s trailer and that the key might be found there.

Nick's very special baseball bat

Nick with his very special bat

Nick fetches his key from the trailer while Monroe visits Adalind’s hotel room.  He goads the four Hundjagers into chasing him outside, where Nick confronts them with a spiked baseball bat.  All are killed before they can reveal any information.

In the end, Nick leaves Juliette’s house and moves in with Monroe.  (If this means more Nick/Monroe bonding, then… Yay!.)  While Monroe doesn’t know the identity of Juliette’s “other man,” he recognizes Renard from a televised press statement.  He asks Nick if he knows this guy.  Oh boy.

As the episode ends, Renard has found Nick’s trailer.  And now we must wait until… January?  February?

All season long I’d been hoping this Juliette/Renard thing would play itself out quickly.  But now?  Now I don’t care.  I’m glad Nick has moved in with somebody who at least has a spare bedroom.  (And a really neat one at that!)  Hopefully we’ll get more quality Nick/Monroe time in the coming year.

[All photos “stolen” from NBC’s website]


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