666 Park Avenue: Hypnos

I give "Hypnos" 5 stars 5 stars

Another great mid-season ender.  “Hypnos” gave us a couple answers, but still left us with plenty of questions.  Best of all, there was no Brian-Louise-whatshername snoozefest.

Jane visits Maris.

Jane visits Maris

When last we saw Jane, she was going to see Maris, someone who might help her remember what happened after she went down the spiral staircase.  (Interestingly, that odd symbol Jane saw in crazy guy’s hospital room is also etched in the door jamb to Maris’s apartment.)   Maris uses “regressive hypnosis” to help Jane remember.

It turns out Jane stayed at the Drake, but wound up in 1927:  She’s attending her grandmother Jocelyn Kramer’s 5th birthday party.  Jane signs the guestbook “Jane Van Veen,” but is in the body of one Libby Griffith, Jocelyn’s baby sitter.  When Jane and Jocelyn retrieve Jocelyn’s doll from her father’s study (father being Peter Kramer, the ghost who tried to kill Jane on Halloween), Jane sees him hide a book in the fireplace.

Detective Cooper helps Jane break down a wall.

Detective Cooper helps Jane break down a wall.

Jane enlists Detective Cooper to help her find great-grandpa’s book.  Cooper has to break down the drywall, but they eventually find the journal, which has strange writings in it, including The Symbol.

Gavin calls on Maris, but can’t enter her apartment.  (My guess is because the symbol etched in the door jamb prevents him from crossing the threshold; sort of like a Devil’s Trap on Supernatural.)  Gavin wants to know where Jane went during her amnesia, Maris wants to leave the Drake in one piece.  So they make a deal.

Jane regresses with Maris once more, and discovers that Peter Kramer and his pals plan to perform a ritual in the basement that will” give them anything their hearts desire.”  (That’s never a good thing!)  But the ritual requires sacrificing Jocelyn.  Jane’s alter ego tells Jocelyn to hide, and presents herself instead.  So the men take Libby to the basement and kill her.

And that’s what happened to Baby Jane at the bottom of the spiral staircase.

Maris gives Gavin the guest book from the 1927 birthday party, which includes Jane’s signature.  She then leaves the Drake, and turns into a flock of white doves that sail skyward.

Here’s what I think:

  1. The ritual Peter Kramer and his friends performed (complete with possibly virginal sacrifice) opened a portal to hell.  And out popped Gavin.
  2. Maris is/was some kind of angel.  The conversation she has with Gavin at her doorway is quite intriguing.  And it would explain the white doves flying off to heaven.

You’ll also recall Victor Shaw told Olivia her daughter was alive, so Olivia helped him escape her husband’s evil clutches.  Shaw continues to play Olivia ad nauseum, and God, am I getting tired of him.  Fortunately, Gavin finds their location and sends Kandinsky to kill Shaw.  Which he does.  Finally.  Thank you!  Unfortunately, Shaw spent so much time flapping his gums, Olivia never got to see Sasha.

Henry with the mayor

Henry and Hizzhonor: Well on the way to his political career

Meanwhile, Gavin Has Plans for Henry.  Gavin thinks Henry should run for city councilman (to replace the guy Gavin shoved down the elevator shaft??) and sets him up with a political consultant named Perez.  But Perez has a file on Jane’s stint in the psych ward and won’t back Henry.  Angry that the guy got his hands on Jane’s confidential file, Henry asks PR gal Lauren to dig up dirt on him.  She does and Henry counter-attacks.

Gavin and Perez are pleased with Henry’s moxie.  Perez thinks Henry must have some enemies, but Gavin explains the enemies are his, not Henry’s.  Perez gives Gavin Jane’s psych file, which is remarkably similar to Henry’s PR kit.

Gavin now knows who the enemy is.  He goes to a bar where he finds Sasha, who turns out to be PR gal Lauren.  Rats.  I’ve never liked Lauren, and now we’ll be seeing even more of her.


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