Supernatural: Citizen Fang

Because you voted overwhelmingly for recaps, reviews, and commentary (all three of you!), I’ll start with a recap.

Unbeknownst to Dean, Sam sends former looney bin psych ward resident Martin to keep an eye on vampire Benny.  Martin reports vampire killings and summons Sam and Dean to the scene (which happens to be Benny’s old hometown of Carencro, Louisiana).  Because Benny is Dean’s new bestest friend ever (after Castiel), Dean doesn’t believe Benny is doing the killings.

Dean and Benny head off to kill a vampire.

Dean and Benny, off to kill a vamp.

He’s not.  Dean and Benny kill the vamp responsible and Benny goes into hiding.

Martin, however, is still on Benny’s case.  Alone.  Because Sam left him stranded after receiving an SOS text from Amelia.  To draw Benny out, Martin kidnaps Elizabeth, who not only works with Benny (known to her as Roy) at the gumbo shack but is also his great-granddaughter.   (Hey, you wanted a recap.  I didn’t say it was going to be good.)  There’s a Martin-Benny standoff.  And only one makes it out alive.  It’s Elizabeth.  (Ok, Benny survives, too, but now he’s really gone into hiding.)

Amelia’s SOS to Sam turns out to be a hoax.  You see, Dean cloned Amelia’s phone and sent the text to lure Sam off the Benny-trail.

And we go into the 6-week hiatus with the brothers thoroughly pissed at each other.

"Citizen Fang" gets 2 stars.For the first time in I can’t remember (ever?), I picked up a (cook)book and leafed through it during the episode.  That’s how much I disliked it.  I was going to give the episode only 1 star, but upon rewatching, I did find some redeeming qualities.

Dean wants pie.

Dean wants “pah”… er, pie.

Redeeming quality #1:  Kathleen Munroe.  Previously, she’d played the stressed out mother of a changeling in season 3’s “The Kids are Alright.”  (She also played a quadriplegic scientist and Robert Carlyle’s love interest on Stargate: Universe.  She’s always been magnificent.  And apparently she’s also on Alphas, which I’ll have to start watching now).

Redeeming quality #2:  Creedence Clearwater Revivial’s “Born on the Bayou” started the show. I think it may be the first really rock song this season.

Jon Gries guest stars as Martin Creaser on Supernatural.

Martin Creaser, fresh from the psych ward

I loved Martin in “Sam, Interrupted.”  He was funny and sweet and helpful.  This Martin was positively hateful; both as a character and as in “full of…”  Maybe it made sense that a former psych patient would become obsessively unhinged, but it seemed too out of character.  Especially if he was so emotionally damaged by “what happened in Albuquerque.”  It was fitting that he died (since they ruined the character), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Then there’s those dysfunctional Winchester brothers.  Neither one was particularly pleasant.  Sam went behind Dean’s back to “hire” Martin.  And although he did try to temper Martin’s furor, he did help Martin handcuff Dean to a radiator.  And then he left Martin alone in the woods.  At night.

Dean’s no better.  Benny’s the only one who “has never let me down.”  Hey Dean, maybe it’s because you haven’t known Benny that long.  Dean’s expectations for loyalty are so extreme, everyone’s let him down at some point.  (Even Castiel.)  Pulling a stunt to get Sam out of the way was bad, but his sanctimonious “Looks like I made the right call” (to keep the cloned phone) was worse.

I’ve been defending the Sam and Amelia story all season, but man, I’m getting tired of it.  It’s become a soap opera cliche.  Husband is dead.  Wife finds new love.  Wait!  Husband is alive!  They’re still hinting there’s more to Sam’s memories (Sam tells Martin, “Sometimes it’s not easy to see things for what they are.”), but at this point I’m growing weary.  Now that we know Amelia is real, what part of Sam’s memories aren’t what they seem to be?  Give us some answers, damn it!

I’m almost glad I have 6 weeks to get over it.  Although I would have much rather gone into the hiatus with an episode I enjoyed.


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