Last Resort: Blue Water

Sam with Sophie are so much more interesting than Sam and his wife.

Sam and Sophie?  So much more interesting than Sam and his wife.

It may be time to take down my Last Resort Catch-up page.  The show has only three more episodes when it returns in January, and I can’t really recommend it to anyone after the last few episodes.

This episode gets 3 stars.“Blue Water” was a bit all over the place.  XO Sam Kendal and SEAL James King head off to Manilla in search of Sam’s wife Christine.  With the help of James’s friend, a former Navy SEAL named Wes, they find her.  This leads to  sappy love-happy Sam/Christine scenes.  Sam’s acting out of character, willing to give up everything to run away somewhere with Christine.  These two have to be the most boring couple ever.  (Yes, even worse than James and Tani.)

The other SEAL from the USS Colorado, Barry Hopper, hightails it back to the U.S.  He teases millionaire defense contractor Kylie Sinclair with a portion of his helmet cam footage.  You know, the one where he plants a compact nuclear bomb in Pakistan?  His motivation is not to expose the truth. Nope.  He wants $6 million dollars before he’ll show Kylie the rest of the footage.  What happened to his vow of trying to do something good every day to make up for the millions of lives lost?

The COB has returned to civilization

He’s back! The COB has returned to civilization

Chief of the Boat Joesph Prosser has made it back to port after missing for two episodes (and six days in island time).  But he’s not telling anyone that self-appointed mayor/chief island thug Julian Serrat burned the soles of his feet and left him alone in the jungle with just some vials of fentanyl for the pain.  And he’s definitely not telling Captain Marcus Chaplin he’s now hooked on fentanyl.

Much of the crew is acting out after last week’s disastrous mercy mission.  Chaplin can’t afford to have 20% of his crew in the brig, so he’s going to let them return to duty.  But to keep everyone in line, he has the prisoners draw straws.  The two who draw the short straws get the honor of being flogged.  Ah, good ol’ negative reinforcement.  (The two are Hawkes, who abandoned Lieutenant Grace Shepard in a firefight, and Brannan, who pulled a grenade on the bridge of the Colorado.  Actually, Brannan wasn’t in the brig.  He volunteered to save his shipmate—having vowed never to leave anyone behind after he gave up Red to be executed by Serrat.)

Chaplin welcomes a Chinese envoy to Sainte Marina.

Welcome to paradise!

A Chinese envoy comes to the island.  (I said this episode was all over the place!)  He offers humanitarian assistance,  providing food and medical supplies to the island, courtesy of the People’s Republic of China, and asks “nothing” in return.  (Yeah, right.)  Serrat also approaches Chaplin with offers of assistance, since his pirates have no problem running the blockade.  In the end, Chaplin makes a deal with the Chinese envoy.  The envoy, whose official status is never stated, wishes to stay on the island, which Chaplin allows.  I think there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Back in the Philippines, Sam and James plan to return to Sainte Marina.  Wes will take Christine to the airport to catch a plane to Geneva.  Sam and Christine spend way too much time whining about Christine’s future.  It gives a band of mercenaries time to attack (since Sam has a $5 million bounty on his head, being Public Enemy #2 and all).  The van with Christine and Wes blows up.  Sam’s in shock but James looks after him.

(This scene is extremely well done.  During the firefight the camera cuts quickly from angle to angle and jerks as though it’s news footage.  When the van blows up, everything goes into slow motion.  As Sam looks on in shock, James runs in to get him out of the line of fire so quickly, it’s a blur.  Kudos to all involved!)

But wait, there’s more!  Wes is alive!  And with his family.  Oh crap.  This means Christine’s alive, too.  Yep, she is.   Wes is keeping her tied and gagged in a bedroom to use as leverage at some point.  Oh God, now she’s also the weekly damsel in distress.  Blech.

Sam and James return to the island to see the Chinese flag flying over the envoy’s quarters.  My sentiments are with James. ” You’ve got to be kidding me.”  Which in Navy-speak means “What the fuck??

[Photos are from ABC.]


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