Last Resort; the first 3 episodes

This post was initially a separate page, but since the series is waning and the past few episodes have been rather lack-luster, I took it down.  However, I didn’t want to lose the information, so it’s now included it here.

Captain (101)

This episode gets 4 stars.Shortly after the USS Colorado picks up a team of Navy SEALs in the middle of the Indian Ocean, they’re given an order to nuke Pakistan.  But the order came through back channels, so the Colorado’s Commanding Officer Marcus Chaplin questions it.  When the Colorado doesn’t fire, another U.S. submarine fires a cruise missile at them, sinking the boat and nearly killing the crew. They’re able to recover, and eventually the Colorado harbors on Sainte Marina, an island with a NATO Early Warning Station.

Staff at the Early Warning Station (EWS)  see the cruise missile attack the Colorado, then watch as two U.S. nuclear missiles hit Pakistan.

Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) and Marcus Chapman (Andre Braugher)

LCDR Sam Kendal and CAPT Marcus Chapman contemplate their new life on Sainte Marina.

In the U.S., the news reports a Pakistani warship sunk the Colorado killing all on board.  The U.S. uses this as the reason for nuking Pakistan.  The Colorado crew are able to contact their loved ones from the NATO site; specifically XO Sam Kendal calls his wife Christine, and LT Grace Shepard calls her dad, a Navy Admiral, to let them know they’re all right, but all may not be as it seems.

When the U.S. sends two B-1 bombers to annihilate the sub and the island, the Colorado fires a nuclear missile at Washington, D.C.  The bombers pull back at the last minute, but Chaplin lets the nuclear missile continue, where it detonates 200 miles off the Atlantic coast.  Then, to back up the crazy, Chaplin sets up a 200 mile perimeter around the island of Sainte Marina, and videotapes a warning message not to mess with him, since he has 17 more nukes on board.

Lastly, one of the Navy SEALs, is in the process of getting fall-down drunk at the local bar.  When the news comes on showing the devastation in Pakistan, he sobs, “That was my fault.  I made that happen.”  Uh-oh, what did those SEALS do?

[Moment of irony:  Gil Langston, SEAL team leader and King’s best bud, survives the mission in Pakistan (and doubtless others, I’m sure), but suffers “death by hardware” when the Colorado’s bulkhead buckles and pops a screw, driving it through his brain.]

Blue on Blue (102)

COB (Robert Patrick) in jail

USS Colorado’s Chief of the Boat finds himself in jail.

This episode gets 3 starsFall out from “Captain”:  Chaplin set up a 200 mile no-fly zone around the island.  The Chief of the Boat (COB) is in the town jail for disobeying Chaplin’s orders.  Two petty officers are missing.  (We know the island’s “mayor” Julian Serrat has taken them, probably for leverage.  Or spite.)

Christine Kendal, XO Sam Kendal’s wife, has been taken in for questioning by nameless government agents.  The agents try to convince her to get Sam to turn in Chaplin, but she realizes they’re shady and doesn’t cooperate.  More PSYOPS ensue, but she’s eventually released.

On Sainte Marina, an airplane violates Chaplin’s 200 mile perimeter.  The aircraft turns around when notified, but gets close enough to drop a Special Forces team.  Since the U.S. has already tried twice to kill the Colorado crew, Chaplin and Kendal think Delta Forces may be on the island.  Sam says he’ll take an away team into the hills to try and intercept them.  LT Grace Shepard immediately volunteers to be his second.  Sam and Grace then ask SEAL James King to help with a plan, which he refuses.

Daisy Betts as LT Grace Shepard

LT Grace Shepard after a close encounter of the Russian kind.

In the hills, Sam and company find a couple places to lie in wait for the Deltas.  However, when they show up, Sam (who really doesn’t want to kill Americans), tries to talk to them.   Only when he’s out in the open, without a weapon or flak vest, does he find out these guys are actually Russian Special Forces.  Sam makes it back to his hiding place where he tells everyone to head back to the truck.  Grace has to break cover to do so and is immediately shot and attacked.  Just as the  Russian is just about to slit her throat, he’s killed by a sniper.  The sniper then proceeds to kill the remaining Russians.  Turns out the sniper is James King.

(The Russians had hoped to use the American crisis to steal the Colorado.  But once Chapin realized the invading forces weren’t American, he was able to notify the U.S. government.  Which didn’t work out well for the Russians.)

When the team returns to town, the COB reveals that Chaplin’s son, a U.S. Marine, was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan.  The COB tries to incite dissent by claiming Chaplin is using the situation to get back at the U.S. for killing his son.  Fortunately, Chaplin has earned the trust of most of his crew, and reminds them that’s not the type of man he is.

Eight Bells (103)

[This episode upset me so much that I almost stopped watching the series.  Nonetheless, it still gets 3 stars, because, except for the senseless killing of a US sailor, it was a reasonably good episode.]

Cortez (Jessica Camacho), Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah), and Brannan (Will Rothhaar)

Island thug Serrat forces Petty Officers Cortez and Brannan to choose who will die.

This episode gets 3 starsJulian Serrat (who doesn’t seem to know how to button his shirt) had kidnapped (and beaten) two petty officers.  Now a third sailor, Redman, is missing.  Chaplin sends out search parties to find them, but they only succeed in pissing off the locals for stealing produce.  Chaplin uses his considerable persuasive skills to bring the COB in line by saying “I never thought I’d see you put anything ahead of your people, Joe.  Least of all your pride.”  It works.  And thus the COB actually starts acting like a Master Chief again; and Robert Patrick’s considerable talent is not wasted.

SEAL-without-a-cause James King, playing poker with one of Serrat’s men, recognizes a watch the man throws in the pot as a uniquely Navy timepiece.  He turns it over to Shepard.  This leads Chaplin to Serrat’s compound, where Serrat acts offended that Chaplin isn’t kissing his ass.  Serrat blackmails Chaplin into running the blockade around the island to retrieve some shady merchandise in exchange for the missing sailors.  Chaplin has until dawn.

Chaplin has no problems running the blockade and getting the goods, but the Colorado is spotted and hunted on the return trip.  The necessary evasive maneuvers delay the Colorado’s return.  When the deadline passes, Serrat says one of the sailors must die and tells them they must choose which one.  Brannan, the junior petty office, tells Serrat to take Redman, who’s then dragged outside and shot.  (And yes, he’s dead.)

Chaplin delivers the goods but instead of being grateful, Serrat continues to bully.  When only two sailors are returned, Chaplin is furious, but does nothing.  Later, he tells Kendal that they will retaliate, at the time and place of his choosing.    I suppose the one good thing about a shortened season is that we won’t have to wait too much longer for Serrat to stop breathing.

Tani (Dichen Lachman) and James (Daniel Lissing)

Tani takes James home to meet her family.

Oh, and one other thing:  Tani brings James to meet the family, i.e., her father and brother, since her mother is dead.  She hopes to piss off her father for bringing an outsider home, but James and dad hit it off.   Oops.   I mention this only because Tani’s dad is set to appear in the next episode, so I thought you ought to know who he is.

[All photos courtesy of ABC]


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