The Five Most Facinating Characters

Who are my 5 most fascinating characters?

The end of the year brings with it a plethora of “best of” and “worst of” lists, and SciFi Chick(s) is not above such frivolity.  But instead of the mundane “best and worst of,” how about a look at some of the most intriguing characters on sci fi television?

5.  Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon, Merlin

The Great Dragon give Merlin good advice.

The Great Dragon: dispenser of sometimes unheeded advice.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of dragons, and 2012 being the Year of the Dragon, it’s only fitting to include one on this list.  Ever since Merlin set him free from Uther Pendragon’s dungeon (end of season 2), he’s had less screen time. When he does show up, though, he continues to provide Merlin with time-honored advice—and on occasion, a ride to distant shores.  Over the years, Merlin has learned to truly listen to the dragon’s words, and the two have developed a somewhat symbiotic relationship.  And it helps that the dragon is voiced by incomparable John Hurt.

4. Gavin and Olivia Doran, 666 Park Avenue

Gavin and Olivia Doran are all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Olivia and Gavin Doran: charming landlords of Evil

These two are so much more interesting than the top-billed young couple, perhaps if the show had centered around them, it wouldn’t be nearing the end of it’s limited run. An engaging couple, both are intriguing in their own right.  We know that Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) is Something Evil (I’m guessing a demon, if not Lucifer himself), but he’s so charismatic, it’s hard not to slike him.  Just don’t ask him to help you out of a tight situation.  Olivia (the lovely Vanessa Williams) is more of an enigma.  So far she hasn’t shown a particularly wicked side, unless you consider her love for Gavin as suspicious.  Is she really evil, or was she merely a damsel in distress, saved by Gavin?  Personally, I love guessing.

3.  Police Captain Sean Renard, Grimm

Sean Renard is a Portand police captain by day.

Captain Sean Renard: the “Prince of Portland”

Renard (Sasha Roiz) is a paradox.  He’s a smart policeman and a good leader.  He also has a connection to the Grimm world.  Initially mysterious, we’ve slowly been given hints as to what that connection is.  We now know he’s a “Royal,” albeit a bastard, but (his obsession with Juliette aside), what part does he play in Nick’s life?  He’s been been protective of Nick, while also playing a significant role in the darker side of the game.  I’ve been waiting for Nick to learn who (or what) Renard is, excited to see how it plays out.  There appears to be much drama in store for the coming year.  I only hope Renard’s obsession with Juliette doesn’t make the character one-dimensional.

2. Any character portrayed by Andre Braugher; in this case
Navy Captain Marcus Chaplin, Last Resort

Captain Marcu Chaplin's in a pensive mood.

Captain Marcus Chaplin: inspired leader or crazy man?

He’s a demanding but fair commanding officer.  He’s intelligent, savvy, and honorable.  But his honor has put him and his crew in a dire situation.  He now has to cope with a native thug struggling for power, an unknown CIA operative, a hungry and rebellious crew, and an increasingly unsure executive officer.  Some say he’s the symbol of resistance to a power-mad President.   Others say he’s a traitor.  Or is he just plain crazy?  With only three episodes left, hopefully we’ll gets some answers soon.

1.  Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Dean Winchester means business.

Dean Winchester: Don’t mess with the pretty.

He can be cocky and sanctimonious, but beneath the handsome facade, he’s emotionally damaged and vulnerable.  Originally, Dean was the Everyman, the stabilizing force behind his younger, once psychic brother.  But he’s become a fascinating, multidimensional personality in his own right.  Over the course of eight years, Dean’s had his share of supernatural experiences;  he’s been to heaven, hell, and purgatory (literally), and met his future self.  In the hands of a lesser actor, Dean might have become a secondary character, or worse, a caricature.  But Jensen Ackles is one of the finest actors in Hollywood today, and he’s given Dean humor, pathos, and tremendous heart.

There you have it—my favorites.  Do you agree?  Or do you have any not listed here?  Let me know!


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