Rating Dragons, part 3

Let’s finish up our series of rating Dragons: Riders of Berk episodes.  It’s been overdue.

Astrid is not amused it took so long to get Part 3 posted.

Astrid is not amused it took so long to get Part 3 posted.

Dragon Flower (109)

This episode gets 4 stars.

The blue oleander is poisonous to dragons.

The blue oleander, beautiful but deadly to dragons

Something is making the dragons on Berk sick.  Toothless and a Terrible Terror are the first to succumb, but soon all the dragons are ailing.  Since Trader Johann recently visited the island, any number of new things could be at fault.  It turns out the culprit is a flower that’s poisonous to dragons, the blue oleander.  Yes, dragon-hating Mildew planted them.  The only antidote is the venom of the Scauldron, which (you may recall from the movie) sprays boiling water at its victims.  The venom is difficult to obtain, but Stoic, Hiccup, Gobber and few other Vikings set sail to find the dragon.  They take Mildew along for the ride.  Which is a good thing because the Scauldron ends up biting Mildew, releasing its venom.  In his butt.  And the dragons are saved.

This is the episode in which we learn Stoic has named his Thunderdrum dragon “Thornado.”  It fits.

Heather Report, Part I (110)

This episode gets 4 stars.

Heather is highly interested in the Book of Dragons.

Heather is highly interested in the Book of Dragons.

Heather, a teenage girl, shows up on Berk’s shores.  She says she escaped from her island when it was ransacked by pirates.  Hiccup and the guys are all quite taken with her, but Astrid is suspicious when she sees Heather sneaking away after dark.  Following her, Astrid learns Heather is working with the Outcasts; but Hiccup doesn’t believe her until Heather steals both the book and Stormfly.  The teens give chase and end up in Outcast waters.  Astrid is able to get Stormfly back; but Hiccup comes under siege from Alvin and his crew.  He fails to retrieve the Book of Dragons and it ends up with the Outcasts.

Heather Report, Part II (111)

This episode gets 4 stars.Alvin now has the Book of Dragons, but the Outcasts are still having difficulty controlling their dragons.  Back on Berk, the teens practice a coordinated attack on Outcast Island.  Heather says she’s working for Alvin only because he’s holding her parents hostage, but no one believes her.  Astrid dresses up as Heather to infiltrate the Outcast stronghold while the others wait for her signal to attack.

Astrid dresses up as Heather.

Astrid—as Heather

Astrid subdues a Monstrous Nightmare and is about to escape with the Book of Dragons when Alvin reveals he really is holding Heather’s parents hostage.  He’ll trade Heather’s parents for the book.  Things don’t quite go according to plan.  When Alvin realizes Heather is not really Heather, he uses Astrid and Heather’s parents to lure Hiccup and the gang into a trap.  Just when things look bleakest for the teens, the real Heather (having escaped from jail) shows up on Stormfly to save the day; and the Monstrous Nightmare Astrid tamed comes to her aid to help her escape Alvin.

In the end, Heather and her parents sail home.  And now Alvin really wants to get his hands on Hiccup!

Thawfest (112)

This episode gets 5 stars “Thawfest” was reviewed here, before I remembered to rate the Riders of Berk episodes.   It gets 5 stars because 1) we learn friendship is more important than winning, and  2) David Tennant reprised his role of Spitelout from the movie.

When Lightning Strikes (113)

This episode gets 5 starsAlso reviewed before I remembered to rate it, “When Lighting Strikes” also gets 5 stars because it focused heavily on Toothless (who’s afraid of thunder!), and once again saved Hiccup.


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