666, where art thou?

The Durans pop in for dinner.

The Durans pop ’round for dinner.

Color me surprised when ABC’s Sunday night lineup returned without 666 Park Avenue.  Now, I know the show’s been canceled (or more accurately “not renewed”), and several questions were answered with the winter finale.  But c’mon, we still don’t know what’s in the red box, we still don’t know exactly who Gavin Duran is, or who/what he rescued Olivia from.  And is anything going to come of Jane and the cute detective?

Apparently ABC is going to hold the last four episodes back until the summer.  Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath.

Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper starred in E-Ring.

Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper in E-Ring.

This reminds me of NBC’s atrocious treatment of E-Ring, the 2005 military drama starring Benjamin Bratt and the late Dennis Hopper.  Just when it was getting good, the series went on hiatus for the 2006 Winter Olympics.  It never returned, even though NBC had ordered a full season, leaving fans totally in the dark.  Some months later, NBC’s website said new episodes would air over the summer.  Only they never did.  And that was a show that had been given a full year’s go ahead.

666 Park Avenue is the kind of episodic  show that relies on momentum to keep it interesting.  Does ABC really think anyone is going to care about it five months from now?  I suppose fans may be able to get closure when (if?) the series is released on DVD, but I seriously doubt it will be gracing any broadcast airwaves this summer.

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