Last Resort: Damn the Torpedoes (111)

Full steam ahead.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Sam is mean.  Chaplin is mad.  Admiral Shepard is out!  Ernie Hudson is in!!

This episode gets 3 stars.

The Chinese are sending a merchant ship with relief supplies to Sainte Marina, but the US government wants it stopped, so a destroyer is sent in to make it so.  Chaplin tells the destroyer’s captain he’ll torpedo the ship if it fires on the unarmed Chinese vessel.  Since a fully armed torpedo would sink the destroyer, killing all on board, Grace and James work to lessen the torpedo’s payload.  When the CGI destroyer shoots at the CGI Chinese ship (in a CGI storm), Chaplin gives the order to fire.  But the modified torpedo isn’t ready and Grace delays the order.  Oh boy, Chaplin is pissed.  Seconds later, the King-Shepard torpedo  is ready.  It’s firing has the desired effect: 1) the destroyer holds together, and 2) it turns away from the relief ship.

Chaplin rips Grace a new one, but Grace holds her own.  She tells him she did it for him.   I loved this scene, even with Chaplin manhandling Grace.  On the one hand, Grace actually showed loyalty to Chaplin by doing something he might later regret.  On the other hand?  Well, she didn’t follow orders.

Sam is looking a little ragged these days.

Sam’s looking a little ragged these days.

Sam, believing Christine to be dead, shits all over Sophie when she offers her condolences.  I realize he’s grieving, but that’s no excuse to be an ass.  Sam then snaps at Chaplin and storms off with a backpack, going who knows where.  In a monsoon, no less.

Sam wanders into a shack where the COB and his disgruntled minions are planning a mutiny.  The would-be mutineers give chase through the rain and mud.  When the COB catches Sam, they proceed to have least sexy mud wresting contest ever.  They eventually stop to talk things over.  Sam lets the COB continue organizing the mutiny, but wants full disclosure.  He then resumes his role as XO.  Which means, I guess, he’s going to have to shave.

The Speaker of the House and others plan a coup d'etat.

Arthur’s out (of jail)! Ernie’s in!!

On the coup d’etat front, Kylie shows Hopper’s video from Pakistan to several generals (whom I assume are the Joint Chiefs) as well as the Speaker of the House (Ernie Hudson) and a Secret Service official.  Grace’s father, Arthur Shepard,  is also there.  He says he got out of jail because he “has friends in low places.”  The plan is to storm the White House, arrest the President and Vice President, and have Ernie take over as acting President.  All of a sudden, though, the Air Force general doesn’t want to play.  When he pushes the Marine general aside, the Secret Service guy shoots him.  That’s what you get for pushing a Marine around.

Cortez is given orders to kill Marcus Chaplin.  But Marcus, being the super savvy smart guy he is, has already figured out she’s the CIA operative.  She tells him how the CIA recruited her (in college) for a job they said would never happen.  But her loyalties lie with Chaplin and she surrenders her gun.  Jessica Comacho is terrific in this scene.  But the hinted romantic interest between Cortez and Chaplin is just… Eww.

[Photos by Mario Perez © 2012 ABC]


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