Merlin: Arthur’s Bane, Part 2 (502)

Well, that’s better.  Somewhat.  For the record, I got Arthur’s Bane wrong, but at least I was in good company.  Merlin thought it was Mordred, too.

This episode gets 3 stars.At the end of Part 1, Arthur and Merlin were taken prisoner by the bounty hunter Ragnor, along with Mordred.  They’re now making their way to Ismere, Morgana’s stronghold.  [I don’t know where they filmed these scenes, but it’s obviously very cold. Colin Morgan’s face is very red.]  Of course, Arthur and Merlin escape; and Arthur kills all in pursuit except Mordred, to Merlin’s chagrin.

Aithusa, the white dragon, visits Morgana in the night.

Aithusa, the white dragon, visits Morgana in the night.

No Kilgharrah this week, but we do have little Aithusa, the dragon Merlin watched hatch—and named—last season.  She was last seen rescuing Morgana at the end of the season 4.  Now she’s apparently Morgana’s pet.  And she’s injured.  Nooo!  What happened?

The Diamair, the key to all knowledge, looks like an alien.

The alien, er, Diamair, looks after Gwaine.

Arthur and Merlin enter the caves beneath Ismere.  Arthur gives Percival his sword, and one by one, the knights begin taking out the Saxon guards.  When Arthur and Merlin find Gwaine, they also find the “alien” who healed him.  Merlin realizes she is the Diamair, the key to all knowledge.  (I know the Diamair is supposed to be asexual, but the face and voice are feminine, so it’s a she to me.)  She tells Merlin that Arthur’s Bane is not Mordred, but Arthur himself.

Meanwhile, Morgana is reunited with with Mordred when Ragnor and his men arrive at Ismere.

 Aithusa tries to attack Merlin.

In her fright, Aithusa tries to attack Merlin.

In the caves, Merlin finds a frightened Aithusa.  She breathes fire at him, then cowers in a corner.  He is shocked to see the state she’s in and asks her who did this.  But she’s unable to talk, and can’t tell him.  When Arthur approaches, Merlin tells Aithusa to go.

Morgana and Mordred find Arthur.  Morgana toys with him before planning to kill him. Just as she’s readying to deal the final blow, Mordred stabs her.  As a reward, Arthur makes Mordred a Knight of the Round Table.

The episode ends by revisiting the frozen wastelands outside Ismere, where an injured Morgana and Aithusa make their way to… somewhere.

Interestingly, I’m currently reading Ivanhoe, where the Saxons are portrayed as the protagonists, having been defeated by those pesky Normans.  But Arthur is a Briton, and the Saxons are the invading (and eventually conquering) force.  Oh, English history.

At the end of last year, when Aithusa came to Morgana’s aid, I was hoping the little dragon wouldn’t be aligning herself with the enemy.  But it looks as though my fears have come true.  It’s just one more reason I’m  apprehensive about this season.


2 responses to “Merlin: Arthur’s Bane, Part 2 (502)

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping for a good season, too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      BTW, I stopped by your blog and am quite fascinated. 🙂

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