Supernatural: Torn and Frayed (810)

Dean has a beutiful new suit for 2013.

Presenting Dean’s new suit. And Castiel’s old trench coat.

Tim Gunn approves of Dean's new suit.

Tim approves!

Welcome back, Supernatural.  It’s nice to be looking forward to you once again, after three years of ho hum.  Bob Seger’s “Katmandu” to “The Road So Far” rocked nicely.  Also, special shout out to Dean’s new dress-up ensemble for 2013.  Darkish blue shirt, darker blue tie, blue-gray based jacket with subtle plaid.  Tres chic.  Kudos, wardrobe!  Tim Gunn would approve.

Samandriel has seen better days.

“Heaven’s Most Adorable Angel,” not so adorable

The angel Samandriel is still being tortured by Crowley.  Actually, Evan from “Crossroad Blues” is doing the deed, since Crowley is apparently too big a wig for such mundane things.  Somehow I feel Samandriel isn’t going to make it out of this episode alive.  He does, however, manage to extract his angel-radio suppressor (a spike driven into his forehead) long enough to ask the mysterious Naomi to help him.  So Naomi enlists Castiel to rescue the poor wiener-on-a-stick kid.  And since Crowley’s hideout is angel-proof, Cass needs to enlist some human assistance.

Cass’s favorite go-to humans, the Winchesters, are on the outs since Dean sent Sam on a wild goose chase to save his vampire bud Benny.  Dean shows up in Kermit, TX to… not apologize.  Sam, thinking the knock on his motel door is Amelia, nearly slams the door in Dean’s face.  (I kind of wish he would have.) The two bro-bitch some more, and Dean leaves.  Alone.  Amelia does show up later.  She and Sam talk some boring talk, hit the sheets, then talk some morzzzzzzzz.

Sam Winchester is armed to kill demons, in great lighting.

Nice lighting, Mr. Director of Photography. (Is it still Serge?)

Cass finds Dean and together they find Crowley’s hideout.  Castiel wants to get Sam, but Dean’s all “No way, Jose.”  So they visit Kevin the prophet, who’s hold up on Garth’s Safe-House-Boat (which is more boat than house).  Kevin’s not doing so well himself, what with having to save the world and all, and not even having a complete tablet to do it with.  Dean wants to make demon bombs, but the ingredients are quite rare and scattered all over the earth.  Thank goodness they have an angel on their team who can just wing it to where ever on a moment’s notice.

When Castiel returns with the goods, he also has Sam in tow.  Dean’s all pissy, and Sam’s not much better.  Cass tells them to stow their crap.  (Have I mentioned how much I like this reformed, repentant Castiel?)  The brothers then have a bitch-face standoff.

Meanwhile, the torture of “Heaven’s most adorable angel” (as Dean calls him) continues.  DemonEvan turns screws into Samandriel’s head (I wish this angel had a different name, because I can’t shorten it to “Sam”), and seems to hit a “nerve.  Samandriel starts chanting in Enochian, which causes a bush to burn and a passerby to get his face burned off.  Crowley deduces they’ve hit the angel’s “factory settings” and the Enochian chants are revealing angel secrets.

Sam, Dean and Castiel prepare for battle with Crowley.

Team Free Will on the move.

Sam and Dean enter Crowley’s warehouse, X-out the angel-proofing sigils, and beckon Cass.  But Cass’s power is weakened by the other sigils.  And Samandriel’s screams are causing some sort of short-circuit in Cass’s head, where he sees Naomi drilling into his eye.  The guys do rescue Samandriel, but not before he’s revealed to Crowley the existence of an angel tablet.

Outside, Samandriel tells Cass he can’t return to heaven because he gave up all the secrets of the angels and Naomi.  Cass asks “Who’s Naomi?” (So do we.)   Samandriel then cryptically says “They’re controlling us.”

Naomi calls Samandriel a “traitor,” but I think that’s awfully harsh.  The guy was not only being tortured, but revealed the secrets as an involuntary reflex.  So much for compassion.  Naomi orders Cass to kill Samandriel, which he does.  His inner eye starts bleeding (which I think is where Naomi was drilling Cass in her bright, light, white room).

Dean and Sam pick up that something is wrong with Cass.  And with that, the boys are back together in the cabin in the woods they shared with Bobby after Bobby’s South Dakota home/supernatural library was destroyed.

In other news, Sam left Amelia, and Dean dumped Benny.  Hopefully this is the last of Amelia (although I will miss the terribly cute Dog), as that story went nowhere.  I think Benny will return, because he is, after all, a vampire.  And with his only friend dumping him, it’s likely he’ll go off the blood bank wagon.

[Photos of Sam and Team Free Will by Liane Hentscher/The CW © 2013; screencaps (Dean and Cass, Samandriel) from Denitsa at  Midnight Road.  Tim Gunn photo picked up from Google image search.]


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