Last Resort: The Pointy End of the Spear (112)

I’m finding it very hard to recap this episode.  It felt like there were lots of moving parts (but then, that’s the norm for this show), yet there were really only two:  the mutiny on Sainte Marina and the coup d’etat in Washington, DC.  Both were disappointing.

This episode gets 2 stars.Admiral Sheppard calls Marcus Chaplin to let him know of the coup.  Once that happens, Marcus plans to surrender the Colorado.  Marcus tells Sam.  By this point he knows Sam is in cahoots with the mutineers.  Oh yeah, and the mutineers blow up a second Chinese relief ship, which could lead to all sorts of international shit.

Prosser seeks out Serrat for weapons.

Prosser sees a man, or rather Serrat, about a gun.  At least he has nice shoes.

Mopey Sam tells chief mutineer, Chief of the Boat Prosser, he needs to secure more people and the Colorado before they go forward with the mutiny.  He approaches Grace and seems to think she’s on his side, although she never says so.  Grace does tell Marcus she trusts him implicitly, even though he has not always trusted her.

Oh look, Tani’s back.  She’s taking her brother back to Australia and James says he’ll go with her.  Later, Sam approaches James and gives him a list of people who must not be allowed to take control of the Colorado should something happen to either Chaplin or himself.  James is to use deadly force if necessary.   James tells Tani he can’t go with her, that he’s not destined for a peaceful life on a sandy beach.  As part of the breakup, he tells Tani he had sex with Grace.

Speaking of Grace, Marcus tells her she has command of the Colorado during the evening’s island festival.  When James sees Grace, he tells her things are about to get ugly.  He says she may have to step up and lead when the time comes, and he’ll stand with her if she does.  Of course, the important question here is, does this mean no more hot sex on the beach?

Sophie continues to try to draw Mopey Sam out, even saying she might be a part of his future.  But all he does is blankly stare at her.  It’s really quite annoying.  At one time, I thought these two would make an intriguing pair, but Mopey Sam is not helping.

Kylie meets the Speaker to give him the video chip.

Kylie Sinclair and the Speaker of the House, in happier times.

In Washington, DC the coup d’etat is about to go down, but things begin to go awry.  The woman who’s supposed to give Hopper’s video to Speaker of the House Ernie Hudson Conrad Buell is killed in a traffic accident.  So Kylie Sinclair delivers it.  Admiral Shepard, in his dress blues, makes a phone call to Grace on the Colorado, telling her how proud he is of her.  It sounds like a “goodbye” speech, but he ends with “Talk to you soon.”

Kylie gives Speaker Buell the incriminating video, but moments before he’s set to give his address he receives a mysterious text message.   The Speaker starts his televised speech to a joint session of Congress,  when someone whispers in his ear.  He closes his speech notes, apologizes, then puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.  Noooo!

On Sainte Marina, Marcus and Sam are watching a news special reporting Speaker Buell has killed himself, making it the second high profile death that day.  (Who’s the first?  Arthur Shepard?)  The coup d’etat has failed, and Marcus can’t return home.  Sam says he’s relieving Marcus of command, that the crew has lost faith in him.  Marcus doesn’t believe Sam has Grace’s support and radios her to send up one flare if she’s with Sam, two if she’s with the Captain.  She sends up 2 flares.  Serrat thinks the flares are fireworks.  What a dope.

Could Kylie's father be the man behind the conspiracy?

Kylie’s father: Could this the man behind the conspiracy?

On the Colorado, Senior Chief and rapist Anders has Grace at gunpoint.  I’m not sure if the 2nd flare was his idea (to lure Chaplin to the boat) or hers.  In Washington, Kylie is led to the back of a limo where her father tells her there will be recriminations for those involved with the coup, but not for her.  He asks her to give him Hopper’s video, but she says she doesn’t have it.  He says it will be messy, but they can get it back.  “They” presumably being the President’s staff, since Sinclair heads out to board Air Force One.

So, in a nutshell, the coup failed, and the mutiny storyline didn’t advance.  See?  Disappointing.

[Photos by Mario Perez, © 2012 ABC]


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