Stupid DVR!

Dean dresses up in Middel-earth-type gear to help Charlie.

Oh yeah.  Dean could have totally rocked Lord of the Rings.

For the first time since I started watching this show (“Something Wicked,”  episode 18 of season 1, way back in 2006), I missed part of the episode.  😦  Worse, “LARP and the Real Girl” was one I  really wanted to see.  But, for some reason, my DVR wouldn’t record two shows at once, and I didn’t discover it until about 9:30.  Instead, I got Modern Family, a show I’m only somewhat interested in.  The Supernatural recording didn’t kick in until 9:34 pm.  Fortunately, On Demand now carries Supernatural, and I’ll be able to catch up shortly.

Outcome:  Modern Family is out of the DVR schedule.
Upside:  At least I got to see Dean in his role-playing gear.

Tonight’s another I DVR test.  Last Resort (final episode) and Project Runway‘s “Meet the season 11  contestants” are both on at 8:00.  I think PR will be the loser here.

[Photo by Liane Hentscher, © 2012 The CW]


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