Supernatural: LARP and the Real Girl (811)

Dean gets to wear a crown.

All hail, King Dean. You hear that, Sam?

Thank you, On Demand!  It appears I didn’t miss much, just a couple of gory deaths.  Oh, and the scene where Charlie is rallying her troops then spots the Winchesters in the crowd.  That may be one of my favorite scenes this year.  Oh, and Jensen wearing the crown.  Damn, wish I had a screenshot of that.  Oh wait.  I do.

This episode gets 4 (out of 4) stars.What can I say?  I’m a sucker for the humorous episodes.  Well, most of them, anyway.   The reviewer at Television Without Pity felt this one was a little inconsistent with the previous episode.  Apparently it makes all the other stuff this season look “contrived.”  Well, geez, it is.  It’s television.  Everything is contrived!  Supernatural did something similar in season 1, when the humorous (to me, anyway) “Hell House” aired after the highly dramatic “Shadow.”  After all, you need lightness to balance the dark.  (For the record, I like “Hell House” better.)

We meet up with Charlie Bradbury once again.  I was thrilled to see her.  When she said last season “Never contact me again. like, ever,” I was afraid we were through with her.  But it looks like Felicia Day was available.  So, yay!

Charlie Bradbury is Moondor's Queen of Moons.

Charlie Bradbury: Queen of Moons

Garth calls the guys with a job.  Garth really has taken over Bobby’s role.  I sort of wished they hadn’t replaced Bobby.  Not because Garth is not as well loved as Bobby, or that I love Jim Beaver and think no one can fill Bobby’s shoes (which I do), but  because it’s lazy writing.  Yeah, they had a good thing with Bobby.  But they’re just trying recreate something that worked rather than search for something new.

Anyway, the job leads the guys to a gruesome scene where the victim was literally pulled apart limb-from-limb by invisible horses.  (I closed my eyes.)  On the scene, FBI Sam asks the sheriff, “Anything missing?”  Sheriff replies, “Besides his arms and legs?”  The victim’s cell phone leads the boys to the dead guy’s friend, who tells them about the “Battle for Moondoor” (or something like that), a Live Action Role Playing game.  (Hence the LARP of the episode title.)  Then that guy dies by coughing up blood from a poison his body shows no traces of.

Jensen Ackles is the CW's own Ken doll.

Jared Padalecki: Ginormitron. Jensen Ackles: Ken doll.

The Winchesters decide to check out this Middle-earth/fantasy-game at the city park.  And who should they meet there?  Charlie, lesbian hacker extraordinaire.  She’s the Queen of Moons, ruler of Moondoor, complete with a very elaborate tent.

Dean goes undercover in Moondoor garb, Sam goes to the “future” to do a little investigating via the interwebz, and Charlie goes missing.  I swear, the series loves to dress Jensen Ackles in all sorts of interesting (and sometimes silly) clothes.  He’s like their own Ken doll.

A creepy creature with a stag skull mask kidnaps Charlie.

Creepy, yes? No?

Back to Charlie:  She’s kidnapped in the woods by one of the creepiest “monsters” this show has thought up to date.  Turns out the creepy creature is actually a gorgeous fairy named Gilda.  We know from season 6’s “Clap Your Hands if You Believe…” that fairies are not necessarily good.  But this one is.  She’s just being made to do bad things by the person who summoned her.

The summoner is one of Charlie’s minions, Boltar the Furious, who’s been working with the boys to find Charlie.  They find her in a magic tent (making out with Gilda).  Gilda id’s Boltar as her “master.”  In the ensuing melee, guns turn to feathers, wooden swords become real, Sam is choked by armor (Sam choking scene #1249 ), Dean throws some totally awesome punches, and Charlie saves the day by destroying the spell book that summoned the fairy.

Oh yeah, Boltar’s motive was to become one of the queen’s court.  He offed his competition because they’d cheated their way into her court by buying off other players.

Much to Charlie’s sadness, Gilda leaves, taking Boltar with her to her world, where he’ll stand trial for his crimes.

All’s well that ends well.  After a short talk about how crappy their lives are and how they need to have some fun, the guys take a day off demon hunting and help Charlie defend Moondoor.  Dean, in a horrendous wig, rallies the troops with Mel Gibson’s speech from Braveheart.  And Sam looks really good with his hair pulled back.

Dean and Sam don red and white face paint to fight for the citizens of Moondoor.

‘Nuff said, right?

(I bet Jensen Jared had a blast filming these scenes.)

[Pictures from all over the place.  Photos by Liane Hentcher, © 2012 The CW; screen captures by two sources at SPN-Caps.]


4 responses to “Supernatural: LARP and the Real Girl (811)

  1. Oh, thank you for posting that last cap. It made me grin all over again. 🙂 I love that they both totally embraced the LARPing in the end. Seriously, they pretend to be FBI agents, newspaper reporters, state troopers, priests, etc., all the time, why not medieval warriors?

    And yes, the skull and robe was creepy!

    • Hey, a response! 🙂 I just read over the recap and see numerous typos. I had a really hard time with this recap for some reason. Probably because I’m behind and hurried it. Notice no mention of the tree tattoo.
      Oh yeah, and it’s snowing here.

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