Wednesday First Takes

In an effort to be slightly more timely, I present First Takes—my initial reaction to the shows I enjoy.  Quick Takes will likely be more feelings than thought.  In other words, don’t expect any deep thoughts or earth-shattering witticism.

Since it’s Wednesday, we begin with not one, but two Quick Takes.

Dragons: Riders of Berk:  Breakneck Bog

Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs look frightened.

Whatever it is, it must be scary to frighten Astrid! (1)

What can make you laugh uproariously yet bring tears to your eyes?  This show!  We learn a bit more about Hiccup’s mother, we get a new dragon, and Fishlegs saves the day!  I tend to judge this show by how often I laugh out loud.  And it was several times tonight.  Astrid beating Tuffnut with a skeleton hand (for scaring her, Hiccup and Fishlegs—see photo above), followed by Ruffnut pounding him (for no particular reason), followed by one last excellent blow by Astrid.  Yet I knew there would be something tender the minute Trader Johann mentioned Hiccup’s mother.  And the scene with Stoic and Hiccup (and Toothless sweetly looking on) was lovely.

Supernatural:  Remember the Titans

The Winchesters appear concerned.

Dean and Sam. Or is it Sam and Dean? (2)

It has to be hard after 8 years to come up with something new, but Supernatural managed to do it.  We’ve had pagan gods before, but this was the first reference to Greek mythology that I’m aware of.  And while I love me some Greek mythology, what sold this episode was, and always will be, the brothers.  Sam hasn’t said anything yet about the worrisome side effect he’s experiencing, but Dean knows something isn’t quite right.  Dean’s prayer to Castiel just emphasized how well he knows his little brother, and how desperately he wants to protect him.  (Lots more on the magnificence that is Jensen Ackles in my recap.)

Now we have to wait three weeks for the story to advance.  😦

[Photo credits:  (1) DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk on Facebook; (2) Cate Cameron, © 2013 the CW ]


3 responses to “Wednesday First Takes

  1. Can I timestamp myself when I say that I *so* wanted Kevin Sorbo to show up?

    Thank god and little green apples that they didn’t fall on the cliche I was sure they were going to use and have Oliver crying “Shane, come back. Come back, Shane.”

    • You can time stamp yourself. I remember! 🙂 Do you think anyone who couldn’t remember Kevin Sorbo would even get the High Noon reference? Hee!

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