Supernatural March Madness—It’s baaack!

Dean and Sam wear plaid and shoot guns regularly.

Plaid shirts, check. Guns, check. Must be Supernatural.

Several years ago I started Supernatural March Madness, a tournament-style contest to determine the best loved episode.  This year, the best 8 episodes from each year (for a total of 64—just like the NCAA!) will be pitted against each other in consecutive order.  While picking the best 8 episodes per season is subjective, I’ve tried to include those episodes best liked by the general audience, and not just my personal favorites (although a few of those may have slipped in.)

A new poll will be posted every other day and each will run for 3 days (if I can keep proper track of them).

So, without further ado,  let’s begin Supernatural March Madness with…

The Season 1 “Regionals”

Dean and Sam pose as security system installers.

Dean and Sam like to dress up as FBI agents, state troopers, CDC inspectors, security system installers, park rangers…. You get the idea.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, many of the choices will not be easy!

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