Once Upon a… First Take

Once Upon a Time:  The Queen Is Dead

This is the second week in a row Once Upon a Time has hit it out of the park.  The “everything changes” tactic they seemed to be going for in 2013 is working.

And… and… Mrs Patmore!

Mary Margaret and David battle evil.

Snow White learns that good doesn’t always win. Damn it.

I seemed to be full of observations tonight.  Were we going to have to start calling Hook “Captain Hand”?  Nope, he got his hook back.  The girl who played Princess Snow White was terrific.  Impressive how similar her expressions were to Ginnifer Goodwin’s.  And I’m looking forward to learning more about Baelfire’s past.  Unless he dies next week.

Sadly,  good did not triumph over evil this week.  Well, we’ve always known that to be the case in the real world.   Many more thoughts to come in a longer recap, if I don’t get too bogged down in Supernatural March Madness.


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