Supernatural: Remember the Titans (816)

Today we shall study geography and mythology.

Serge Ladouceur shines a blue ligt on Sam.

Serge, you are still the master of lighting!

Probably more than any other show on television, Supernatural loves to borrow its titles from other media.  Songs, movies, tv shows; nothing is sacred.  I’m not sure how they get around the copyright laws; hopefully by getting permission from the original creat0rs.

Most everyone knows the title for this episode is borrowed from the movie (based on true events) about the first year of racial integration at T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, VA’s public high school.  The only reason I mention this is that T.C. Williams is about 2 miles from where I live.

This concludes our geography lesson.  On to mythology.

I’ve long been interested in Greek (and Roman) mythology.  My copy of Bullfinch’s Mythology is well worn.  In it, I learned the difference between the Titans and the gods.  (Although I have no idea why “Titan” is capitalized, but “god” is not.  Well, actually I do know the latter, but not the former.)  Sam gave us the simplified version that they are “the gods before the gods,”and the Titans were deities of a sort.  But more importantly, the Titans created the world.  Pandora was a Titan.  Her box is how evil was introduced to the world.  (And the similarities between Pandora and Eve don’t stop there.)

Class dismissed.

This episode gets 3 (out of 4) stars.So, in a way, I enjoyed “Remember the Titans” probably more than most.  Granted, it didn’t have me on the edge of my seat, nor was I kept in suspense as to what supernatural entity (demon, ghost or whatnot) we were up against.  Not because I’m particularly brilliant or insightful, but because the promos didn’t really shy away from telling us.

If you’re interested enough in Supernatural to read this, you likely know how the story goes.  A fellow who died in a hit and run and later died in a grizzly attack is not a zombie.  Dean’s disappointed.  (And now I’m wracking my brain trying to remember the other episode Dean said something similar to “Damn straight I wanted to shoot some zombies.”  Anyone?)  This guy, who calls himself Shane, doesn’t remember anything before he was discovered in an avalanche some years before.  But he does know something’s off, because he dies every day and comes to life a few hours later.

Artemis hunts with her bow and arrow.

Mystery Ninja woman, aka Artemis, or Diana if you’re Roman

Enter two women.  The first is affectionate towards him until he doesn’t remember her, and that is cause enough to attack him.  When she can’t win, she disappears in a puff of smoke.  The second is Hayley, the woman who found Shane after the avalanche.  She says she and Shane grew close during their ordeal to get off the mountain, but when he began to die every day, she ran off.  She now has a son, Oliver, and Shane is his father.

About this time, Sam figures out Shane is Prometheus, the Titan whom Zeus cursed to die every day because he helped the mortals.  Oliver is now experiencing the die-a-day problem.

Zeus uses Prometheus as a shield

Poor Prometheus. Bad Zeus!

Sam, Dean, Shane and Hayley summon Zeus and ask him to take the curse from Oliver.  But Zeus is not a benevolent god, and thinks having Oliver die every day is an even better punishment for Prometheus.  Mystery Ninja woman (whom Sammy has identified as Artemis, Zeus’s daughter) shows up to watch Zeus torture Prometheus.  As she escorting Sam and Dean to their execution, Sam taunts her about her love for Prometheus in hopes of turning her against her father.  It works.

Artemis shoots her arrow at Zeus, but he shields himself with Prometheus.  Prometheus (who, incidentally, symbolizes strength of will)  drives the arrow through his own body and into Zeus’s.  Both die.  Artemis is about to take both god and Titan and disappear in a smoke puff.  But she leaves Prometheus with Haley and the boys, for the closure we mortals need.  At least it’s a final death for Prometheus and a release from his torment.

One last thought.  Did you notice the large black bird (it wasn’t a vulture and was too big to be a crow) at the beginning, along the roadside eating the corpse’s liver?  It only took me a day to “get it.”


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    • I thought of you as I was writing my review! I hope you can catch the episode on Hulu or Amazon or OnDemand or somewhere. I think you’ll enjoy it. They did a nice job with Prometheus.

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