Grimm returns: A (late) First Take

It’s been over three months—¼ of a year!—since Grimm last aired.  Aren’t tv executives afraid viewers will forget a show if it goes on a  3-month hiatus?  Apparently not.  Granted, Grimm went out with an excellent cliffhanger last November.  But still, three months is a long time in tv land, especially when viewers are inundated with so many other (and possibly better) options.

Nonetheless, the wait is over, and it was worth it.

The Good:

  • Rosalee returned, and Monroe is cuter than ever.
  • Nick now knows who Renard is, and his relationship with the Wessen world.  They (reluctantly) agree to work together.  Which is good because they already have to work together in the “normal” world.
  • The Juliette/Renard affair may finally be over.

The Bad:

  • Reggie Lee plays the usually snappy Sgt. Wu.

    Poor Wu. He didn’t get any snappy lines.

    Sgt Wu didn’t get any snappy lines.  The best ones went to Monroe (“Well, at least you know who did it,” referring to the quadruple homicide he and Nick committed) and Hank (“If I could explain the motives of women, I’d still be married.”).

  • If the Juliette/Renard fiasco is over, will Nick move back in with Juliette?  I really like the idea of Nick living with Monroe because it gives them more time together. Then again, we probably can’t have both Nick and Monroe and Monroe and Rosalee.
  • “Face Off” wins the award for the largest number of inconvenient cell phone interruptions in an episode.  I counted six.  It got to the point I knew a cell phone was going to ring solely because of the tautness of the scene.

The Ugly:

  • The Juliette/Rennard love/hate scene.  Initially I fast-forwarded through it, but figured I needed to watch it in toto.  It was even worse than I’d imagined.  I actually felt sorry for the actors having to repeat that cringe-worthy dialogue.
  • Adalind joins the regular cast.  Not that Claire Coffee is ugly—far from it!  Rather, Adalind is going to make things very messy.  And that’s a Good thing.

(Hopefully) I’ll be back later with a recap and further review of the episode.


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