Grimm: Natural Born Wesen (214)

With a new Supernatural March Madness poll every other day (on the odd numbered ones), that leaves only the even numbered days to talk about other shows.  Perhaps that should be enough, but it isn’t, as I never got beyond a First Take of last week’s “Face Off.”

Nick is literally red-faced after drinking a potion.

Do not adjust your color. Nick’s face is that red.

Last week Nick drank a purification potion as step one of the process to reverse the Juliette-Renard nuisance obsession.  He then collapsed unconscious and turned beet red.  End scene.

This episode gets 4 out of 5 stars.Surprise!  He didn’t die.  (End sarcasm.)  Wasn’t he supposed to kiss Juliette so she’d remember him?  Apparently nope.  Instead, Juliette and Renard had to drink their own potion, which included a drop of Nick’s blood.

Did it work?  We’re not given a definitive answer.  Later in the episode, Renard says that his feelings for Juliette are more manageable.  Juliette doesn’t say much of anything.  She’s trapped in her house, hallucinating about sinkholes, endless stairs, and little sparkly, crackly things.

Enough of this relationship crap.  On with the case!

Three robbers flee from the scene of the crime.

A Skelengeck and two Blutbaden flee from the scene of the crime.

Three Wesen in full-on “Wogie” (or Wogle?)  mode  rob a bank, where it just so happens Monroe is doing business.  He’s highly offended because two of the three are Blutbaden.  (The other is a Skalengeck, in case you want to know.)  This purposeful show of “Wesenality” to the general public breaks some Wesen code of honor called Gesetzbach Ehrenkodex.  Who makes up these names???  (And thank you, close captioning.)

The two Blutbaden are an overly obnoxious couple who are thrilled their alternative persona make them untraceable.  The Skaengeck has a bit of a conscious and wants out when the other guy kills two people during a robbery.  So the Blutbaden kill him for being such a spoil-sport.

With Monroe’s help, Nick and Hank are able to identify the perps fairly quickly, but don’t have any evidence to arrest them.

The bigger issue is the broken “Kodex.”  As it turns out, there is a Wesen Council who deals with crimes against the code, usually by deadly force.  Fortunately for us, Rosalee’s father and brother were  involved with the Council, so she knows who to call.  (It’s some guy in Belgium named De Groot.)

Nick looks over two dead suspects.

Here’s a lesson: don’t go messin’ with the Wesen (Council).

When other Wesen begin to break the code as well as the law, Renard emails photos of the two Blutbaden to De Groot.  With this two-pronged attack, De Groot tells a minion to “take care of it.”

Nick and Hank eventually get the evidence they need to arrest the Blutbaden couple.  The two gloat all the way to police headquarters that they’ll be out of jail before daybreak, but once they arrive, they’re shot dead in the hallway.  This show of force by the Wesen Council to keep the other Wesen in line works.

I like the addition of this Council.  I doubt it will play a big part in the majority of episodes, but it’s nice to have a high-ranking Wesen organization to compete with the Royal Families.

I’ve always liked the Nick-Renard dynamic. Both are good cops, and this new addition to their relationship makes them even more intriguing.  Nick is still being a bit pissy, but Renard knows there’s much more at stake than Juliette.  He tells Nick if they’re successful, they can make history.  Or, if not, history will bury them.

[Photos credit NBC]


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