Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger (817)

“Rudy Hobbit always gets a pass.”  Damn straight, Dean!  (And for the record, Sean Astin should have won an Oscar.  For Samwise, not Rudy.)

Dean finds a Man of Letters skin mag.

Busty Asian Beauties or Voluptuous Asian Lovelies. Oh Dean, don’t ever change.

I’m not a big fan of Meg (especially Rachel Miner’s Meg—the nasal-lispy voice grating on my speech pathology-trained brain ) and I’m growing weary of Crowley.  Also, not a huge Dean-Castiel ‘shipper.  So I was moderately ho-hum about “Goodbye Stranger.”

This episode gets 4 out of 5 stars.It was much better than I expected.  Meg’s voice wasn’t bothersome, and her usually over-the-top sarcasm was palatable.  Of course, you know what that means, right?  Anyway…

Sam and Dean get wind of several strange deaths throughout the Midwest, including Downers Grove, IL.  (By the way, it’s pronounced “Donners Grove.”  It’s where my parents married.)  Eyes are being burned out, and I immediately think it’s the bug guy from the previews.  But it turns out those are the previews for Grimm, not Supernatural.  Heh.   Nope, it’s Castiel.  And I’m surprised the Winchesters aren’t more familiar with the side effects of angel-on-demon warfare.

Castiel, Dean, and Sam search for Crowley's hostage.

Team Free Will on the move.

Crowley is looking for the Angel Tablet, as is Naomi via Castiel.  For some reason, Naomi doesn’t trust the Winchesters to know about the Angel Tablet.  Perhaps it’s because she knows the Winchesters think angels are basically dicks.  Of course, they wouldn’t think that if angels didn’t continually dick them around.

The Angel Tablet is apparently in one of Lucifer’s crypts, but only a few high-level demons know the whereabouts of the crypts.  Turns out everyone’s favorite demon Meg knows where they are from her days with “Ol’ Yellow Eye,” whom you may remember was high on Lucifer’s totem pole.  Crowley is torturing Meg, but their search so far has turned up bupkus.

Team Free Will rescues Meg, who tells the Winchesters about the Angel Tablet, much to Naomi’s and Castiel’s chagrin.  They find the crypt.  Dean and Cass investigate the crypt while Sam and Meg stand guard and chit chat. Voila!  This crypt has the tablet.  Dean has to recover it because its container is warded against angels.  Naomi then tells Cass to kill Dean and take the tablet. Castiel proceeds to beat the shit out of Dean, but stops short of killing him.  Aw, love wins out over obedience.  When Cass picks up the tablet, his connection to Naomi is broken.  Hmm…  But Cass doesn’t trust Dean with the tablet, either, so he and the tablet fly away to tour by  Greyhound.

Demon Meg has been killing with her special blade.

Hey, Meg. New old hair color, eh? That weapon has me confused.

Meanwhile, Crowley shows up to trade sarcasm with Meg.  He kills her, but not before she buys Sam and Dean enough time to escape.  Yep.  Now that Meg’s voice isn’t super-annoying, she’s a goner.  Speaking of which, isn’t that the same blade used to kill angels?  So it’s actually a double-duty weapon?  Kills angels and demons?

Dean’s now been so badly beaten by his two loves that his eye swells shut.  No wonder he’s all kinds of messed up.  Of course, Sam was possessed by Lucifer, and Castiel was possessed by… Naomi?  At least Cass undid his damage and Dean is back to his pretty self.

[Photos by Liane Hentscher © 2013 The CW]

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  3. I’ve lived in Downers Grove my whole life and have never heard anyone ever ever ever call it Donners Grove

    • Wow! Did you get a WordPress account just to me know that? I’m impressed! And yes, I’ve already been informed of the error of my ways. 🙂

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