Grimm: Mr. Sandman

[Well, boogers!  I thought I’d published this, but there it was, sitting in  my “Drafts” box.  Sorry for the delay, Grimmsters!]

How many times did I cover my eyes?  At least two, that I can think of.

This week's Grimm villain is a good-looking man who turns into a hideous bug.

Cute dude or hideous bug? Both!

Must be the eyeball thing.

This episode gets the award for Cutest Human/Most Disgusting Woged Wessen.

This episode gets 3 stars.While having dinner (and lots of wine) at Monroe’s, Nick, Hank, Rosalee, and Monroe discuss Renard.  Rosalee says he’s a “Zauber-biest” rather than a Hexenbiest, because he’s male.  Plus he’s a Royal.  They decide to look into his parentage, but that’s as far as that story gets.

Hank, Nick and Monroe research this week's Wesen villain.

The guys of Grimm, researching in the Grimmebego.

On to this week’s case.  A cute South African guy named Andre hooks upwith women at grief counseling groups.  (I once met two guys from South Africa.  Their accent was definitely NOT Australian.)   He takes the grief -stricken women home in his vintage red and white Cadillac.  (Why would a criminal drive such a conspicuous vehicle??)  He blows red dust into their eyes, which turns out to be not dust but barbed parasitic red worms (Good Lord, can this episode get any grosser?  Yes it can!), which blinds them.  He then turns into a giant fly-like bug with a long tongue, and licks their tears of mystery.  Apparently he’s hooked on the tears.  His first victim dies when, in her blind panic, she pulls a bookcase on top of her and crushes her windpipe.  Sgt. Wu call this “death by bookcase,” and wonders if the cops are looking at “a homicide, or just a bookicide.”  (This isn’t even his wisest crack of the evening.  When Nick comments that the perp “… must be taking something from [the women],” Wu responds, “Besides their sight?”)  Welcome back, Wu!  The second victim survives, but the parasites eat her eyeballs.  The third victim is Nick, blinded while trying to apprehend the guy.  While blind, Nick’s auditory senses kick in big time.

Rosalee helps Juliette understand her hallucinations.

The gals of Grimm: Rosalee and Juliette

Rosalee finds a cure for the blindness, which involves scooping out the Wesen’s eyeball while he’s still alive and in his bug form.  Hank, Nick, and Monroe, with Rosalee along for medicinal purposes, find Andre attacking the sister of the second victim in her home.  He escapes, but Nick can hear him and follows him to the attic.  Even blind, Nick is able to knock him out (because Nick has awesome fighting skillz, plus his new hearing is off the charts).  Monroe scoops out his eyeball, Rosalee crushes it and makes a paste to put on Nick’s eyeballs.  It works.

In Vienna, Adalind is is visited by a older Hexenbiest who was a friend of her mother.  She senses Adalind has lost her Hexenbiest status, and that she’s pregnant.  Adalind explains the father is one of two men who are half-brothers (either Renard or his brother).  Without giving names, the visitor knows immediately the child is a Royal, and therefore  highly valuable.

Renard hallucinates Juliette ages into a hag.

My my, Juliette.  You haven’t aged well.

Back in Portland, Juliette survives her floating bed/sparkly, crackly things episode, but is now seeing smokey ghost images.  She asks Rosalee for help.  Because Juliette refuses to believe in the Wesen world, she thinks she’s going crazy, but Rosalee assures her she’s not.  Turns out the smokey apparition is Nick.  (Last week’s cable guide hinted the hallucinations were Juliette’s memory returning, so this isn’t surprising.)   Rennard is also hallucinating.  He wakes up to find Juliette in his bed.  He fights her attempts to kiss him.  Then she morphs into… something more than a really old woman.

The episode ends with a blindfolded Nick playing real life Fruit Ninja (ala Luke Skywalker learning to harness The Force), smashing all the fruit Monroe throws at him with his studded baseball bat.

[Photos from NBC.  Screencaps from Grimm Wiki.]


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