Supernatural: Freaks and Geeks (818)

This episode gets 2 stars.

Dean shares a poignant moment with Krissy.

Yep, Krissy’s still forgettable.

Boy, am I unmotivated to write something about this episode.  I can’t say why I didn’t care for it, just that I felt blase when it was over.  Maybe it’s because I don’t care for vampires.  (Take that, Benny).  Maybe it’s because I remember so little about the previous Krissy-centered episode.  Maybe it’s because I care so little about Krissy.  And less about her new-found friends.

Obviously, there was something “off” about the surrogate father, Victor.  He was also Dr. Heydecker in season 1’s excellent “Something Wicked.”  And therefore, by default, he was the creepy monster-of-the-week shtriga.  And he bad-mouthed Bobby.  Asshole.

[Warning:  Spoiler after the cut… read at your own risk if you haven’t watched.]

Sam displays one of his patented bitchfaces.

This is my very subtle bitchface.

I will give the episode this—Victor was even creepier than expected.  Not only did he take these kids under his wing when their parents died (for the purposes of replacing the family he lost to a wendigo), he actually had their parents killed so he could take them in.  Eew.

You can’t hit every episode out of the park.  There will be clunkers in every season, and this is one.  Have we had any other clunkers this season?  Let me see…  Yep, there’s Bitten.”  And “Best Friends with Benefits.”  That’s not a bad track record, given the clunker seasons we’ve recently had.  Heck, I’m even thinking of buying this season’s DVD set when it comes out.  I haven’t done that since season 4.  (Take that, Sera Gamble.)

You want a recap?  You can read one at Television Without Pity or Fresh From The… I’m just not inspired enough to write one myself.

[Photos credit: Liane Hentscher © 2013 The CW]


4 responses to “Supernatural: Freaks and Geeks (818)

  1. Here’s a bit of trivia: the actress who plays Krissy has an Iowa connection. Her dad went to my high school, and graduated with my brother.

    I like Krissy, but I think she needed a breakdown moment to grieve for her dad. It would’ve added more depth to the character and given Dean one of his “awww”-inducing kid-consoling moments. 🙂

    We’ll just kinda handwave how the bills for that huge house are going to get paid, and hope that no school administrator wants to speak to their guardian.

    • Hey, you! 🙂 That’s not just an Iowa connection, but Suzanne connection! Cool.

      I don’t dislike Krissy, I guess I just don’t find her memorable. Perhaps making her a little more vulnerable would have helped. But that’d be a bit of a trope, wouldn’t it?

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