Grimm: Nameless (216)

Sgt. Wu and Nick give chase to the killer.

Wu is on the case. With Nick.

Once again, Grimm pushed the envelop of gruesomeness this week, what with cutting people in half and all.  To make up for it, Sgt. Wu was heavily featured.  For that alone, “Nameless” gets an extra star.  Speaking of Wu, does he have a first name?  I’ve searched NBC, IMDB, and the Grimm Wiki, but so far have found nothing.  It may have been mentioned in an episode last year which featured Wu as a victim of… something that made him eat his couch?  We visited his apartment, but obviously, I don’t remember the episode or the details, except that Wu was hanging out in his underwear.  And eating the couch.

But I digress.

"Nameless" gets an extra 4th star for featuring Sgt. Wu.“Nameless” opens with a launch party for a computer game that features ground-breaking technology that will revolutionize the gaming world.  The team leader, Jenna, and one of her teammates, Brody, sneak off for a little nooky.  [I think back to Brody from Supernatural‘s “Hollywood Babylon.”  He kind of looks the same, what with a curly mop of hair.  But that Brody didn’t meet with a horrible fate.  Or did he?]  Jenna hears someone in the nooky room and leaves.  Brody thinks it’s another team member and confronts him.  He gets sliced in half by a set of acid dripping claws.  Yep, it’s pretty gross.  But still not on the level of the barbed red eye-worms of last week.

This week’s villain has left hints in the form of title pages from Alice in Wonderland, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and Rage.  Fortunately for the Portland PD, Sgt. Wu is a bit of a nerd and has read all three books.  The link is that 1) they’re all fantasy, and 2) the authors all use pseudonyms.

There’s a nice bonding scene between Nick and Monroe.  When Nick asks Monroe if he knows of any Wesen that can slice people in two, Monroe replies “Head-to-toe or side-to-side?”  Gotta love Monroe.  In another sweet scene, Monroe gives Rosalee a prized antique clock he found in his attic.  She is appropriately moved.  Gotta love Rosalee, too.

Sgt. Wu is left dangling on a ladder when its morrings are severed.

Poor Sgt. Wu, left dangling at the scene of the crime.

After going down a couple wrong-ish paths (at one point, I think the bad guy might be the company boss; but I’m wrong), the killer strikes again.  This time it’s one of the female members of Jenna’s team. As with Brody, he first kills her character in the computer game (by cutting her in half), then follows it up in real life.  The detectives finally get the truth out of Jenna: Late one evening, she called in an IT guy to fix her broken computer.  After he fixed it, he helped with the gaming code, actually writing it.  Not only could Jenna not remember his name or what he looked like, she and her the team took all the credit for the ground-breaking code.  To add insult to injury, IT guy had asked Jenna on a date, but she stood him up.

All along, the perp is teasing the police to “Guess my name.”  I finally shout out “Rumpelstiltskin!”  But I am wrong.  Again.  Sort of.

In the Grimm-abego, Nick and Hank identify the Wesen as a Fuchsteufelwild.  Nick notices that throughout history all the these creatures use same group of letters for their names.  (They’re all anagrams of “Rumpelstiltskin,” although it’s never mentioned, and I don’t make the connection until I read it on the Television Without Pity forum.)  Cross-referencing anagrams with game players, they identify the killer’s name as Trinket Lipslumbs.  Oi.  (Personally, I liked Tinkles Mil Spurt better.  Perhaps I’ll name my next pet that.)  They locate the fellow and lure him to Jenna’s supposed location, where the police are there to nab him.  Trinket Lipslumbs leads the police to the roof of the building—except for Wu, who’s left dangling from a severed ladder.  Instead of being arrested,the Fuchsteufelwild  leaps off the roof  to his death.

Another type of Wesen introduced.  Another gruesome murder solved.  All in a day’s work.

Meanwhile, Juliette enlists the aide of Monroe and Rosalee to  help her with her visions.  She’s actually handling it rather bravely, now that she recognizes the ghost is Nick.  She has a vision of him pouring over an old book with writing and creepy drawings, and Monroe blurts out, “The trailer!  He’s gotta be in the trailer!”  Oops.  Now Juliette wants to go to the trailer.  More oops, because when Nick took her to the trailer last season (before she went into her coma), she’d gone kind of nuts thinking Nick was off his rocker.  And that’s where we leave that part of the story.

Captain Renard checks the ID of a would-be assassin.

Don’t mess with Renard.  You might end up dead.

Renard meets with his very attractive contact from Vienna in person at a Portland cafe.  NBC identifies him as the “castle spy,” which I shall call him until he’s given a name.  There’s a whole discussion about governments, cabals within cabals, someone named Meisner, the Resistance, and the royal families moving to “dissolve the union” and take power.  But whom are they trying to take power from?  Geez, am I confused.  Castle Spy gives Renard a flash drive which, when unencrypted, is a list of names and locations.  Are they part of the Resistance or Royals.  Or both?

Castle Spy has an assassin on his tail.  Renard, being the superbly excellent cop he is, spots the shady character leaving an unattended briefcase in the cafe.  Being the bad-ass that he is, Renard single-handedly retrieves the briefcase and throws it out of harms way before it blows up.  As the cafe patrons exit in panic, he chases after the assassin and kills him with 3 bullets to the chest.  At least he shows his badge to the shocked crowd gathered ’round.

Next week it looks like Juliette visits the trailer and once again freaks at Nick’s weapons closet.  I can’t blame her.  Heck, I would too.

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