Supernatural First Take (819)

Sam Winchester winds up in purgatory.

Even the CW logo can’t diminish the prettiness.

Just one word..


I was looking forward to this episode, since the previews had mentioned it had to do with the trials.  I was not, however, expecting Bobby to show up.  Oh, show, how you so often surprise me.

Speaking of surprises, I was sure all along that Sam was going to get stuck in purgatory.  But the ending was much more dire.  Did not see that coming.

Jensen was wonderful.  His “pep talk” to Kevin, his anguish with Benny, his relief when seeing Sam again.  Jared was pretty darned awesome, too.  When he was explaining Benny’s actions to Dean, you could see the love he has for his brother, and how he knew Benny’s sacrifice would weigh on Dean.

And hell?  Well, it looked like hell.

I was hoping against hope that Naomi would let Bobby stay on earth.  But heaven is much better place.  (Or so I’m told.)

[Photo credit:   Diyah Pera © 2013 The CW]


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