Supernatural Revisited: 309

Malleus Malificarum

  • Written by Ben Edlund
  • Directed by Bobby Robert Singer

If I’d had my choice of episodes to begin the ratings retrospective, it wouldn’t have been this one.  Of course, season 3 was not Supernatural‘s most stellar, given the writers’ strike, and other management-induced silliness.

Katie Cassidy played Ruby in Supernatural's season 3.

Ruby 1.0 saves the day. Or at least Dean’s ass.

But even in a shortened and rushed season, this was not one of my favorite episodes.  It was more like one of my least favorites.  Which is kind of sad, considering this was supposed to be a ‘big, significant” episode.  …Wasn’t it?…  I mean, we learned that demons were once humans (and this was supposed to surprise us, I guess), and a new demon army leader was “rising in the west.”

Not being a favorite, I haven’t watched the episode in years.

What I remembered:  it was a Ruby-centric episode, witches and maggots were involved,  and the Colt that can kill anything now can’t.  Oh, and Dean loves bunnies.

What I’d forgotten:  Dean and Ruby met for the first time, Dean fell victim to an invisible hex bag, and Ruby saved his ass.

What still baffles me after 5 years:  why was Tammi able to stop the Colt’s bullet, but Ruby’s knife killed her?

Dean is sad that the rabbit had to die.

“Poor little guy.” Dean hates that the rabbit had to suffer.

What finally made sense (sort of):  Dean and Ruby’s talk outside the Conquistador Motel (which looks an awful lot like the motel in “The Monster at the End of This Book”).  I always found Ruby’s “I don’t know why I’m different, I just am,” excuse to be lame.  Of course, given the wisdom gained over the next year and half, it was meant to be lame.   I mean, she couldn’t really tell Dean she planned to get Sam hooked on demon blood while Dean frittered away in hell, now could she?

If you haven’t done so, be sure to rate the episode!

[Screencaps from Oxoniensis.]


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