Supernatural Revisited: 402

Are You There God?  It’s Me, Dean Winchester.

This was a throw-away episode in my memory.  So forgettable, I’d failed to remember it featured Meg Masters, Ronald Reznick, and Victor Henriksen.  Perhaps because it aired directy after the classic “Lazarus Rising,” it seemed to pale in comparison.  I’d been prepared to give it 2 beer mugs.

Dean tell Sam to get him some pie.

Dean Winchester—still bossy. But handsome. (1)

As it turns out, the episode is highly significant, well acted and produced, and downright scary.  We learned about the impending Apocalypse, the 66 seals, and—most importantly—Bobby’s supernatural panic room.  Nicki Aycox (Meg) and Charles Malik Whitfield (Henriksen) shined.  (Chris Gauthier was great, too, but the former two really stood out.)  And Christopher Lennertz’s unusual, percussion-heavy score heightened the tautness.  (I can’t recall  it ever having been repeated.)

So, kudos, Supernatural.  I’m glad I (re)tuned in.  The episode’s rating’s been raised to 4 beer mugs.

  • Directed by Phil Sgriccia
  • Teleplay by Sera Gamble, from a story by Sera Gamble and Lou Bollo (Supernatural’s stunt coordinator)

[Screencap (1) from Oxoniensis; gallery photos taken from IMDB]


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