Supernatural Revisited: 408

Wishful Thinking

I tend to love the humorous episodes, and this was no exception.  Yet even with all the silliness, there were significant, serious moments.  Dean confessed he remembered his time in hell.  Sam revealed his violent rage against Lilith.

The visually stunning backdrop, one of the show’s very best, was a bonus.

The Canadian Rockies provide a beautiful backdrop.

Beautiful scenery

When the episode first aired, some fans complained about how cavalier the writers treated a woman who’d been “mind-raped” (for lack of a better word), forced to feel emotions against her will.  Personally, I’d have been more upset about a couple taking off for Bali, leaving their young daughter at home all alone with a giant suicidal teddy bear.  But what are ya gonna do?  (There’s  plenty more to say about bitching fans, but I’ll leave that for future reviews.)

I’m torn between  giving “Wishful Thinking” 4 or 5 beer mugs.  Not sure it deserves 5, but I liked it better than some 4-mugs-rated episodes.  (Edited to add:  I decided to go with 5 mugs.  I figure others will vote it down from there.)

Sam and Dean peek from behind a bush

Great direction

[Screencaps from Oxoniensis]


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