Supernatural Revisited: 414

Sex and Violence

This was the part of season 4 I didn’t like.  The part where Sam becomes closer to Ruby and more distant from Dean.  Season 4 is generally considered one of Supernatural‘s best, and it is.  But having been caught up in the glow of its brilliant early episodes, I’d forgotten the major “ick” factors from the second half of the season that made me kind of sick to my stomach.

Under a siren's spell, Dean attacks Sam.

Nothing says “I love you” like a knife to the throat.

I also forgot nearly everything from this episode except the meat tenderizer.   (This one is sooo much better, but perhaps not as gruesome a murder weapon.  Then again, those blades are damn sharp!)  The doctor, Sam having sex with the doctor (who lived!), the strippers all named after Disney princesses, FBI agent Hoyt Fortenberry, and Dean and Sam’s brutal attacks on each other.

It was a nice twist that Dean’s perfect love wasn’t a stripper, but a younger brother who looked up to him and loved the same things he did.

“Sex and Violence” wasn’t a bad episode, especially when putting all the speeches about love in the context of the Winchester brothers.  It just wasn’t memorable (obviously).

  • Directed by Charles Beeson
  • Written by Cathryn Humphris (my second favorite Supernatural writer, who’s now working on Elementary)

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