A Grimm Week, part 1

Grimm moved from Friday to Tuesday this past week, replacing Ready for Love, a train wreck I couldn’t look away from.  In the transition, we got a two-fer:  one week, two Grimms.  [Initially I had both episodes in one post, but had to split them for the ratings game.]

Volcanalis (218)

First up was this episode, which my cable guide titled “Ring of Fire.”  Take your pick.   The monster here wasn’t a Wesen, but the initial suspect was.

Sgt Wu and Nick subdue a suspect.

Wu and Nick get their man. Only not.

Geologists taking rock samples from Mt Hood are being attacked by a mysterious man on the mountain and later killed in their homes.  The police (Nick and Sgt Wu, since Hank is on vacation—did Russell Hornsby break his leg and have to stop filming for awhile?) arrest the man, who turns out to be a “bull-headed” Wesen.  The man, named Marcus Hemmings, claims he was trying to warn the geologists, not kill them.

Marcus explains to Nick and Renard (who’s joined Nick on the case, since Wu isn’t aware of the Grimm world) the real killer is Volcanalis, a priest of the Roman god of fire.  As Renard says, it’s going to be hard to arrest a god.

Volcanalis is pretty damn scary.  He looks like my version of the devil  (Monroe’s too), all hot and made of fire.  Although never stated, I believe he’s actually molten lava.  He punishes those who take rocks from “his” mountain.

Marcus is a Taureas-Armenta, a type of Wesen known for their courage.  Volcanalis killed Marcus’s wife year’s before, and he’s been trying to warn people ever since.   In Wesen form, Marcus has a broken horn. It’s an intriguing  detail, but is never explained.

Nick and Renard spray the monster with liquid nitrogen.

Nick and Renard use the old liquid nitrogen trick.

Marcus joins Nick, Renard, and Monroe in an attempt to trap the monster.  They take some rocks from Mt Hood to lure him to a warehouse, where they spray him with liquid nitrogen.  Volcanalis is no match for -346 degrees Fahrenheit.  He’s turned solid except for his eyes, which continue to burn and move.  It’s creepy and cool at the same time.  Marcus then shatters him with a mallet.  His eyes still burn in their rock chunks s for a while, which really truly startles Monroe.

On the Juliette front, she’s beginning to freak out by all the visions of Nick she’s seeing.  She visits the mystic woman from La Llorona, who tells her she has to just pick one memory and relive it.  She first remembers the day Nick moved in with her.  Sadly, she wouldn’t let him keep his Elvis lamp since it didn’t match her Arts and Crafts decor.  When she finds the engagement ring, she remembers his proposal and smiles.  Man, it would be nice if this storyline were coming to an end.

In Europe, Frau Pech, the old Hexenbiest from “Mr. Sandman” whisks Adalind Schade away to an appointment with the Gebirgelen….(that’s as far as I got with the close-captioning before my tv cut out), which turns out to be some Romanian gypsy queen.  Once she confirms Adalind’s baby is royal (by using some medieval torture device to extract the baby’s blood), she’s willing to pay 500,000 Euros for the child if it’s a boy, 750, 000 if its a girl.  (Hey!  For once, females are considered more valuable than males! )  But Adalind doesn’t want money.  She wants her Hexenbiest powers restored.

This is the second episode that features something other than Wesen as the villain.  Grimm may be venturing beyond the “wide, wide world of Wesen,” which is okay with me.  After all, how many different species of Wesen can they come up with?  Well, given the next episode, there’s still room for creativity.

Wu-ism of the Week—Explaining the crime scene to Nick:

Wu:  Well, the first part’s normal.
Nick:  What’s the not-normal part?
Wu:  Everything else.

[Photos from NBC.]


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