A Grimm Week, part 2

Endangered (219)

This (half-)week’s Wesen is… aliens!  Well, not really, but they are creatures with glowing blue skins.  They’re called Glühenvolk, they’re nearly extinct, and the pregnant females feed on raw cow ovaries.  We know this because a farm-hand discovers several cow mutilations and is killed in a struggle with said glowing blue creature.  He’s killing the cows for their ovaries to feed his whiny, needy pregnant wife.  I end up having no sympathy for this woman.

Based on the witness description and a piece of skin snagged on a barbed wire, Nick is able to identify the type of Wesen from one of his Grimm Encyclopedias.  Rosalee explains the Glühenvolk were thought to have been hunted to extinction, prized for their skin.  Turns out this couple is being hunted by a man posing as a UFO aficionado.  He’s a Raub-Kondor, a bird-like creature with blue eyes.  He kills his prey, then skins them and sells the hides to collectors.  Lovely.

Monroe and Rosalee investigate the hunter's trailer.

Television cutest couple: Monroe and Rosalee.

Rosalee and Monroe join Nick in his search for the couple.  But first they find the hunter’s trailer, and are appropriately disgusted.  When they find do find the pregnant woman, she goes into labor.  Rosalee takes charge, and Monroe helps as best he can until the husband returns.  Shortly after a glowing blue baby is delivered, the hunter arrives.  In the melee that ensues, Nick grabs the hunter’s shotgun and kills him.

Our heroes let the Glühenvolk family escape to Alaska and pin the murder and cow mutilations on the hunter.  This really bothers me because Nick lets the killer go free.  One thing I liked during the first season was how evenly Nick balanced his Grimm life with his police job.  But this year he’s begun to make his own laws.  That’s not good for anyone, but especially a policeman.

Much more interesting is the story of the key Nick’s Aunt Marie gave him before she died.  Some of the key’s history has been told before, but was a tad confusing.  This episode clears things up.  Nick shows the key to Monroe, who’s more excited about the map the key makes when inked.  He recognizes the area as the Black Forest.

There are seven keys in total.  They belonged to seven Crusaders who worked for the Royal families.  The seven also just happened to be Grimms.  During the Crusades, they discovered something they believed to be so important, they hid it in Constantinople rather than give it to the Royals.  Together, the seven keys form a map to what they buried.

Over the years, the keys have changed hands, been lost and found.  Currently, the Royal families have four keys.  That makes two keys that are missing.  Renard wants to make sure Nick’s key does not fall into the hands of his family.  Ok, now I understand.

Of much less interest is Juliette.  She continues to remember her feelings for Nick, but whines to Monroe that she can’t tell Nick because his feelings may have changed, since she treated him so badly.  Wah, wah.  She also asks Monroe what a “Grimm” is.  Monroe does a lovely job of explaining a Grimm is someone who can see into the heart of darkness, and that Nick is “different.”:

Wu-ism of the Week:  The truth is out there… East of Portland.


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