Supernatural 510: Abandon All Hope…

Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Crowley, Meg, Lucifer.   So many guest stars, so little time.  (Castiel was a regular by now.)

Ellen, Dean, Sam, and Jo search the disserted town.

Just before all hell breaks loose

Remember when Crowley was just a crossroads demon (albeit a senior one)?   Who knew he’d come to play such a big role in the coming years.  Of course, much of Crowley’s longevity has been due to Mark A. Sheppard, and his clever performance.  Heck, Crowley was almost likeable at the time, being almost simpatico with the Winchesters.  He wanted Lucifer dead too, citing self-preservation, believing Lucifer would wipe out demonkind once he’d finished with humankind.  But I wonder if this was all just a ruse so he could become the self-proclaimed “King of Hell.”

It’s a rather depressing episode.  The Winchesters fail to kill Lucifer, Lucifer accomplishes his goal of raising Death by  sacrificing (read “murdering”) an entire town, and Ellen and Jo die.

Lucifer traps Castiel and a ring of holy fire.

Just a couple of angels, talkin’

And yet, it’s very well done.  When Jo is gravely injured by a hell hound, the pace becomes frantic.  The camera is jerky, the cuts are rapid and shaky.  It serves well to heighten the sense of desperation the characters feel.

Over the years, Supernatural has brought tears to my eyes many times.  But this is the only time I have actually sobbed.  Alona Tal  and Samantha Ferris were superb at portraying the mortally wounded daughter and the distraught mother.  When Jo wept, I wept.  When Ellen sobbed, I sobbed.

One of the best episodes of the season, but it’s hard to give it five beer mugs for the sheer hopelessness of it all.

[Photos courtesy the CW]


5 responses to “Supernatural 510: Abandon All Hope…

  1. I have my own issues with this episode, mostly because of the fan reaction. One too many “hurrah! The bitches are dead” for me to not watch this episode and feel angry.

    • Yeah, sadly, sometimes the fans can deter from the show rather than add to it. I find that to be the case at Television Without Pity, where the lament is “Why is Sam even still on this show? It should be all Dean and Castiel.” Oy. The show is about 2 brothers, not a man and an angel. Ugh.

  2. I don’t understand why this episode gets hate. It’s one of my favorites of the whole series. Every time I watch it, I end up crying when Ellen and Jo die. I hated to see them go. It was, for Sam and Dean, like losing their mom all over again, and a girl who was like their sister. They’ve already lost too many people.

    • The scene with Ellen & Jo is absolutely heartbreaking. I haven’t seen a lot of hate, but it’s definitely a controversial episode, especially since Jo took so much heat.

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