Supernatural 516: Dark Side of the Moon

Oi.  Another depressing season 5 episode.  Even the good episodes deterred me from buying the season 5 DVD set.

Dean and Sam meet with the gardener-angel Joshua.

Dean and Sam meet with Joshua in the Garden of… Cleveland?

It wasn’t so much Dean’s disappointment that Sam’s “best” memories were those without his family.  It wasn’t that Zachariah messed with their heads (especially Dean’s).  It was that God apparently wants nothing to do with saving the world.  For me, that just didn’t make sense.

I did enjoy seeing Ash, and Pamela again, especially Pamela—with eyes.  Traci Dinwiddie has such beautiful eyes, it was a shame they burned them out in her first appearance.  I thought Pamela could have added a nice dimension to the show, a resource for the Winchesters to use now and then.  Which, granted, they did for a couple episodes, but not to the degree I’d have liked.  Instead, we got Ruby 2.0 and Anna (whom I liked, just not as much as Pamela).

So Castiel breaks up with God, and by giving Dean’s amulet back to him, breaks up with Dean.  Dean breaks up with Sam, sort of, by throwing the amulet away.  Although I’m sure the real reason was that Kripke was tired of answering questions about the damn thing.

Let’s end on a positive note with my favorite scene:  Dean and young Sam celebrating the Fourth of July, 1996.

[Photo credit the CW.  Screencaps from True Feelings]


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