Warehouse 13: The Living and the Dead (411)

Gak!  I’m trying to write three reviews at once:  Warehouse 13 ‘s first two episodes of the half-season, and Grimm‘s most recent.  It’s not going to get any better since tonight is Supernatural‘s last episode before the season finale; and you know how much I love my  Supernatural.   As for W13 and Grimm, might as well go in chronological order by air date.

Heh.  I thought “The Living and the Dead” was Warehouse 13‘s season premiere.  Rather, it’s the second half-season premiere.  I know this only because it’s listed as episode #411.

Arite is brought to the warehouse on a stretcher.

Steve, Myka, Mrs. Fredrick, Claudia, Pete and two extras rescue Artie.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the first half-season’s cliffhanger ending.  Just to recap, EvilArtie released the dreaded deadly sweating sickness virus, and Claudia stabbed EvilArtie with some special dagger.

Artie is still alive but in a coma.  In fact, he wants to stay inside his brain, because in there, Leena is still alive (and baking cookies).

With the help of some artifact, Claudia and Steve enter Artie’s brain, which is the warehouse.  In there, they meet several of Artie’s old comrades and enemies, including comrade-and-sometimes-girlfriend Dr. Vanessa Calder (Lindsay Wagner) and archenemy James MacPherson (Roger Rees).  I always look forward to the episodes with Roger Rees.  Gosh, I wish they hadn’t bronzed him way back in season…. whenever.  Claudia eventually finds Artie and forces him out of his dream  world and back into reality.  Artie isn’t happy about it.

Myka threatens Professor Sutton, who's not intimidated at all.

Myka and Sutton: So cute!

Pete and Myka save the world from the dreaded deadly sweating sickness in Paris, with the help of one Professor Sutton, who also happens to be…immortal?  ageless?  Something like that.  I imagine we’ll be seeing more of James Marsters  (Professor Sutton) since he stole Marie Antoinette’s diamond; and although he died in front of Pete and Myka, when we revisit the crypt where he died, his body isn’t there.  I’m fine with that.  I’m not crazy about his ex-girlfriend/wife (or whatever she is), but we’ll wait and see how that plays out.

[Photos credit Syfy.com]


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