W13: Parks and Rehabilitation (412)

Continuing to catch up..

Pete speaks up for Artie at his hearing.

The gang’s all there to support Artie.

The episode begins with Artie (backed by Pete, Myka, Claudia and Steve) appearing before a tribunal of Regents to decide his future.  To Artie’s surprise, the Regents exonerate him of Leena’s death, saying it wasn’t Arthur Nielsen who killed her.  As they say, Artie’s guilt is far more severe than any punishment they could impose.  Too true.

The “Parks” portion of the episode takes place in a national forest in Oregon.  In a bit of a twist, Claudia accompanies Pete into the field.   They’re investigating the death of a man who appears to have been sucked into the ground.  In their search, they then come across a medical marijuana grower (hey, this is Oregon, after all) who died buried in bags of potting soil.

These men, along with a woman who heads an ecology-type non-profit, were all members of an “eco-terrorist” group 10 years earlier.  One member of the group was caught and tried for blowing up a construction site.  He died in prison, but never revealed who the other members were.

The killer is using a lantern that emits a blue glow which causes the ground to shift, burying whatever it’s aimed at.  It’s the park ranger who’s been helping Pete and Claudia with the case.  He also happens to be the brother of the man who died in prison.  At one point Pete gets buried, Claudia saves him.

Actually, the case is kind of boring.  I figured it out park ranger was the bad guy the moment I saw him.  Granted, it may have been his boots rather than my brain prowess that led me to that conclusion.  Nor is it ever explained what this blue glowing lantern is and why it does what it does, which is kind of lame.

The “Rehabilitation” part is far more interesting.  Myka and Jinksie stay behind to baby sit Artie as he trues to perform the tasks Leena was doing for the warehouse.  He’s not doing a particularly good job, either.  One of those jobs is to determine where to place the artifacts.  A “Feng Shui spiral” reads the artifact’s aura to determine its overriding emotion, which in turn determines where it should be stored.

Steve sits amid the Feng Shui spiral with the airship Norge's porthole.

Jinksie tries out the official artifact-aura reading gizmo.

When Artie tries to place a porthole from the first airship to cross the North Pole, it registers the “great sorrow.”  Artie files the porthole; but it later sets off a chain reaction which ultimately releases a mechanical gargoyle created by Da Vinci.  It’s rather hilarious.  The gargoyle seems to have an affinity for Jinksie, who winds up being gargoyle bait.  As the gargoyle chases him around the warehouse, Myka is a able to disable it with a crossbow and electrified piano wire.  (You had t be there…)  Actually, she destroys it.

The trio finally realize the artifact-assigning gizmo is reading Artie’s feelings and not the artifact’s.  So Jinksie takes the seat and properly assigns the location.

In the end, Artie views Leena’s “signature statement, ” a video in which the Warehouse employees state they recognize the risks associated with the job, and state they’re willing to take these risks for the better good.  Leena’s is the standard stuff, and actually a bit of a disappointment, given it’s built-up over the course of the episode.  But it’s enough to comfort Artie.

Rehabilitation complete.


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