Grimm: Kiss of the Muse (220)

Thank God that story line is over!  Just about everyone has hated the saga of Juliette not remembering Nick and her obsessive attraction to Capt Renard (and vice versa).   Her memories have been coming back over the past few episodes, and last week she finally remembered her feelings for him.  Of course, since this is television, we must have as much contrived drama as possible.  So just as she’s trying to get closer to Nick, he comes under the spell of a seductive siren.

Hank returns from his Hawaiian vacation on crutches.

Hank’s souvenir from his Hawaiian vacation? Crutches.

Well, she’s not actually a siren, she’s a Musai, an elfin creature who secretes a substance that makes men obsessively attracted to her when she kisses them.  And insanely jealous of any other man—to the point of murder.  In fact, that’s how Nick and Hank happen upon her.  A writer, her current boyfriend, has been murdered by her ex-boyfriend, an otter-like Wesen (a Luisant-Pecheur according to NBC’s Grimm website).  I swear, nearly everyone in Portland must be Wesen.

Speaking of Hank, I was right!  Russell Hornsby must have broken his leg, or had surgery.  He’s returned and he’s on crutches, written in as a zip-lining accident while on vacation in Hawaii.  When he asks Nick what he missed, Nick replies,”The usual.  The devil.  A couple of space aliens.”  Ha!  (I highly empathize with Hank/Russell.  Crutches are one of humankind’s cruelest inventions.  But I digress.)

Nick is attracted to someone other than Juliette.

Uh-oh. Nick is attracted to a woman who is not Juliette.

Khloe, the Musai seductress, kisses Nick, thanking him for saving her from her ex.  Nick becomes obsessed with her and his personality changes.  When Juliette makes dinner for him, he’s distracted.  When Monroe questions him about dinner, he becomes angry.  Monroe suspects something, and asks for Hank’s help.  Hank witnesses Nick punch a bar patron for asking too many questions, and also gets the brunt of Nick’s ire.  Looking for answers, “the gang” of Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee visit the “Grimmebego” (Aunt Marie’s trailer).  They learn of the Musai and her lure.  There is no known cure for the “love” addiction, but Rosalee believes  real love can break the spell.  And that mean Juliette.  (Good thing Juliette is now willing to play along.)

Still in Khloe’s thrall, Nick visits her.  He ex Anton is also there, and she encourages Nick to kill him for her.  Nick beats Anton up pretty badly before Renard and a uniformed policeman intervene.  They stop the fight and arrest Anton.

Juliette is able to break Nick's love spell.

True love triumphs over all.

At the police station, Hank and Renard question Khloe, who says she can’t help who she is.   Nick visits Anton in his holding cell, gun drawn, still intent on killing him.  Fortunately, Renard, Juliette, et al, arrive to stop him.  Juliette reaches out to Nick, and is able to break Khloe’s spell over him. 

However, during the exchange, Nick has dropped his gun.  As Anton reaches for it, Renard steps on the gun and sarcastically comments, “Really?”

How does Renard feel about seeing Juliette?  Things seem to be a bit intense as Renard leaves the holding cell to speak with Khloe.  Is he going to enlist her to seduce Nick again so that he can be with Juliette?  Nope.  Rather, he tells Khloe to leave town and never return, or the non-policemen/Zauberbiest part of him will deal with her.  Damn.  Just when I think he can’t get any more awesome, he does!


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