Supernatural 603: The Third Man

Wait!  How did we get to season 6 already?  We weren’t that far along with season 5, were we?  Oh, ok.  “Dark Side of the Moon” was in the second half of season 5, and with 3 episodes airing per day on TNT, I guess it makes sense.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel search for Balthazar.

See how Jared is standing with his feet apart so as not to tower over Jensen and Misha? Hee!.

I couldn’t remember much about this episode going into it.  Oh yeah!  This was the episode where Jared Padalecki worked out shirtless.  And Sam was soulless, although we didn’t know it at the time.

Three policemen were hit with the Biblical trifecta of blood, boils and locusts as punishment for planting evidence on a young man they’d killed.  The plagues were caused by the young man’s brother, who’d sold his soul for a portion of the Staff of Moses.  The salesman?  Not a crossroads demon, but the angel Balthazar, making his first of several appearances.

I’d always been a bit hazy on heaven’s civil war, Raphael’s power play, and Balthazar’s motives, probably because I hadn’t paid close attention and wasn’t watching reruns of the show at this point.  Seeing the episode again helped clear things up.  I understood Raphael’s power play, but had missed his goal to reboot the apocalypse.  Balthazar had escaped heaven and resisted Castiel’s pleas to return because he knew the fighting would never stop.  Granted, that was a bit cowardly and selfish for an angel, but we’ve learned over the years that angels are dicks flawed.

Raphael is set to kill Castiel.

Season 6’s bad boy Raphael, in his first of several vessels, set to slay Castiel.

Knowing Castiel’s progression over the course of the season, it was interesting to see him at this point, when his motives were still good and in the interest of mankind.  One discontinuity, though:  here Castiel said point blank he didn’t rescue Sam from hell.  Later in the season, didn’t he say he had rescued Sam?

  • Directed by Robert Singer
  • Written by Ben Edlund

[Photos credit the CW]


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