Supernatural Revis: Clap Your Hands If You Believe

What a great Supernatural week.  We had the excellent season 8 finale; and the two “revisited” episodes, while perhaps not favorites, were ones I quite enjoy.  Interestingly, both had the alternative title cards, making them somewhat “special.”  But since you can’t rate two episodes in one post, we’ll have to split them into two posts.  Here’s part 1.

After his abduction, Dean sees things that make him paranoid.

Post-abduction, paranoid Dean

“Clap Your Hands…” begins with the theme and title card from X-Files.  I only know this because close captioning says so, having never watched the series.

In the scope of the larger arc, we now know Sam doesn’t have a soul.  No empathy, so no puppy eyes.  And not much mourning when Dean is abducted.

Robert Picardo was delightful as the UFO aficionado cum leprechaun.  But I have to disagree that his UFO buff persona was “as happy as a pig in shoes.”  I don’t think pigs particularly appreciate wearing shoes.  Just sayin’.

Did you realize:

  1. Dean was the only abductee to be returned.  Then again, he was abducted with knife and gun in hand.  Way to go in fighting, Dean!
  2. Sam and Dean interview a fairy-lovin woman.

    Turns out the Crazy Cat Lady was right!

    “Crazy cat lady” was actually right!  It wasn’t aliens taking first-born sons (by the way, nice touch there, what with taking Dean and all), it’s fairies.  Somewhat like the crossroads demon in “Crossroad Blues,” once summoned, they stuck around to wreak havoc.

  3. When Dean traps nukes the fairy in the microwave oven, the microwave dings after the scene fades to black.  Just like when Paul nuked his head in “It’s a Terrible Life.”  Ah, such sick humor.  Just one of the things we love about this show.


  • Directed by John F. Showalter, whom I thought had only one or two episodes but in fact has directed ten, including a couple season 8 episodes.
  • Written by Ben Edlund, who has written about half the Supernatural Revisited episodes so far.  Wild, huh?
  • Photos, the CW, as usual

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