666 Park Avenue: It’s Baaack. Or Rather, Was.

ABC actually made good on its plan to air the final four episodes of 666 Park Avenue.  Unfortunately, I lived up to my own prediction that fans would forget all about the series in the intervening months.  I caught only the series finale.

Thankfully, OnDemand provided answers to most of my burning questions.  We more or less learned what was in the mysterious red box; or rather, what it did.  We learned why Detective Cooper was so helpful to Jane—for all the good it did him.  We didn’t learn who or what Gavin rescued Olivia from; nor exactly what Peter Kramer and pals called forth to the Drake all those years ago.  Most likely it was the devil, either in Gavin Doran form or otherwise.

I suppose it’s to be expected that a show ending sooner than planned would feel rushed. The Doran’s daughter Sasha reunited with her parents, then was quickly made to disappear.  The 117-year-old Harlan Moore regenerated into 30-something Patrick Corey (Corley?), and was then sucked into the mysterious red box.  (By Olivia, no less!)

In the most boring story ever, boring couple Brian and Louise killed the Gavin-forced disruptive Alexis, walled up her body in the Drake’s basement, and were subsequently walled up themselves (alive) by Gavin.  That didn’t happen soon enough.

But the penultimate ending felt forced.  Gavin’s affair with Jane’s mother seemed out of character, given his professed great love for Olivia.  As did his crazed desperation at being separated from baby Jane.  Killing Henry was… well, overkill.  Perhaps it was needed to make Jane go evil, thus allowin her to give birth the the antichrist.

Would the ending have been the same had more time been allowed to wrap things up?  Maybe.  But does anyone really care?


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