Coming Soon to a Television Near You

Are you getting tired of all he Supernatural-only coverage here?  Well, September is almost here, and that means a slate of new television shows. This year many shows fall under the science fiction genre, and there are five that I’m especially looking forward to watching.   I listed them (and two others) on my personal blog yesterday, as part of my Sunday Seven series.  Some will become hits, and some will be misses—only time will tell.  All of these shows appear on Wired’s top 10 list, with varying degrees of endorsement.

Let’s discuss.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:  Who doesn’t want to watch this??  The pilot was shown at Comic Con, but I haven’t been able to wade through the thousands of terabytes of Comic Con data to find any specific reviews.  I did find one headline which said it was as awesome as expected.   But can I find that site again?  Nope.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  It wasn’t at the up fronts, therefore it’s not been reviewed.  But its OnDemand preview is very appealing, even if Wired puts it in the possible car crash category.

Dracula:  It too looks lavish, but gave it a 3 (on a scale of 10).  Hopefully Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s talent will make up for Katie McGrath’s (Merlin’s weakest link) lack of it.

Almost Human:  The Huffington Post gave it mostly negative reviews.  The Daily Beast was a bit more forgiving.  And Wired said it’s “Must-See TV.”  (Wasn’t that phrase coined by NBC?  And they didn’t trademark it?)  One of the problems with pilots is there’s so much to set up and so much exposition, it’s often not a fair indicator of the the series itself.  I never judge a show by its pilot.  Well, except for Do No Harm, which was so awful, I couldn’t even force myself to watch the entire episode.

Sleepy Hollow:  It’s received crappy reviews all ’round.  Even though it’s on Wired’s top 10 list, it too is in the potential car crash category.  It doesn’t appear to have the high style of S.H.I.E.L.D., Wonderland or Dracula; nor the star power of Dracula and Almost Human. But you know us sci fi geeks. You can never tell what will float our boat.

Honorable Mention:  The Tomorrow People has received limited good reviews. Both The Daily Beast and Wired both give it higher marks than Sleepy Hollow (Wired also rates it higher than Wonderland), so I might check it out, even though I’m far beyond the CW’s targeted age group.

I won’t be watching The 100, Star-Crossed, or The Originals; so don’t ask.  One show on the CW is about all I can handle.  Maybe two, max.

How am I going to cover all these shows?  I likely won’t.  It’ll depend on which shows I find the most appealing and going from there.  Any suggestions?

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