Supernatural Blitzkrieg

My calculationes were wrong.Oh dear.  My initial calculations were wrong.  New calculations show that if I want to review and rate all Supernatural episodes before next year’s Supernatural March Madness, I have to watch and review five episodes per week, not three.  With new sci fi shows premiering next month, that’s a bit much for my lazy brain.

So we’ll look at the top 5 episodes (as determined by IMDB, and me) per half-season each week.  That’s 10 episodes per season.  (Season 9 episodes will be covered as they air and the top rated episodes will also be considered.)

TNT is beginning the fabulous season 4 starting tomorrow (Sep 30), so we’ll start the blitzkrieg with some excellent shows!

Sam and Dean smile with dimples.

Sam, Dean, and their dimples approve of the new schedule.


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