Supernatural: Agism Runs Rampant

The thing that really irks me about Supernatural is its blatant agism.  The writers constantly make unsavory jokes about the elderly.  It’s like they think they’re immune to the aging process.  They’re not.  Everyone ages.  And it’s a blessing to do so.  After all, consider the alternative.

Dean looks good in a tuxedo.

One tuxedo…

That agism is rampant in two of this week’s three episodes, and is alluded to several times in the third.  (With that little mini-rant out of the way, let’s explore this week’s regularly scheduled reviews before we enter the blitzkrieg.)

Red Sky at Morning (306)

This episode gets only 1 star.

Considered one of Supernatural‘s worst episodes, most people blame the “ghost ship” as a lame spectral enemy.  The ship and its associated spirit weren’t the problem.  That honor goes to Bela Talbot, one of the worst conceived television characters ever.

Sam prepares to down a glass of champagne.

…two tuxedo.

I was inclined to give the episode 2 stars because the title is part of an old sailor’s saying (and I am an old sailor).  And, I liked Gert—although she was a tad over-the-top.  But even Dean and Sam in tuxedos, the story’s underlying context of brother vs. brother, and the most awesome special effect ever couldn’t detract from the incongruity of the Winchesters saving Bela’s life.

Then again, “saving people” is part of their family motto.

– Written by Laurence Andries ; directed by Cliff Bole
– IMDB rating 8.1 (out of 10); 8.5 (out of 10)

Time Is on My Side (315)

This episode gets 3 stars.Man, this was a busy episode!  In order to begin wrapping up the shortened season 3 (thank you, Writers’ strike), and deal with the aforementioned horrible Bela Talbot, a lot of irons had to be thrown into the fire.

First there was Sam, wanting to go after the organ-stealing Doc Benton, thinking Doc’s recipe for immortality would save Dean from his crossroads deal.  Since Dean didn’t like that idea, he went in search of Bela and the Colt, believing the Colt could kill the demon who held his “ticket to hell” contract, thus freeing him from said contract.

Steven Williams plays Rufus in "Time Is on My Side."

No tuxedo: Steven Williams as Rufus

If you ask me, both ideas were stupid.  Regarding Sam’s plan, immortality (especially one based on weird science, such as this was) would be no match for a soul-selling  crossroads deal.  And why would Dean believe killing the demon holding his contract would break his deal?  Sam had already proven such a ploy wouldn’t work.  Ah well, this is the part where we need to suspend reasoning in order to enjoy the episode.

At least Dean’s quest led him to that delightful curmudgeon, Rufus Turner (played by Steven Williams), and his penchant for the crazy-expensive Johnny Walker Blue.   And in the end, Bela met hers (“end,” that is).  So it wasn’t all bad.

– Written by Sera Gamble; directed by Charles Beeson
– IMDB rating 8.5; 8.7

Hunteri Heroici (808)

This episode gets 5 stars.If I gave half-stars, this would probably get 4 1/2 stars.  It’s entertaining, but not deeply significant in the grand scale of the story.  Still, we had some terribly clever and funny lines, and Castiel was at his very best, being humorous (albeit unintentionally), ruefully emotional, and tenderhearted.

Sam’s flashbacks to Amelia and her father were my favorite of the season.  Too bad it ended in the “dead husband is alive” trope.  But that story was ill-fated from the start.

– Written by Andrew Dabb; directed by Paul A. Edwards
– TV Fanatic fan rating 4.7 (out of 5); IMDB rating 8.5; rating 8.3

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