Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Yes? No?

What’d you think of this fall’s most highly anticipated new show?

[Sorry for such large icons.  Polldaddy’s not so good with small and medium thumbs.]

Not being well acquainted with the Marvel universe (other than having seen and enjoyed the movies),  I may not be the best fangurl to review the show.  Then again, how much do you really need to know?  I would venture, not much.

Phil Coulson studies a 3-D rendition of past events.

Every good sci fi show needs a great special effect. [Credit ABC & Geektyrant]

How great is it that Clark Gregg is back as Phil Coulson?  He was delightful in the movies, but here he’s a totally awesome agent/boss/mentor.  He does the unexpected to get results (shooting Ward with the truth serum to get Skye’s cooperation), and refuses to take “no” for an answer.

Phil Coulson consoles distraught Mike Peterson.

Missed opportunity #1? Not recruiting this guy.

The pilot was enjoyable, but I wanted more.  The guest “hero of the week” was far more interesting than any of SHIELD’s agents; I was hoping “Centipede Man” would become part of the group.  But apparently it’s SHIELD’s mission to find and neutralize these enhanced humans rather than use them for good.  (I’m sure Young Super Genius Engineer and Young Super Genius Bio-chemist could have found a way to prevent him from exploding while keeping his special powers.)

The Level 7 agents are so young it was hard for me to identify with or even care about them.  Perhaps as the season progresses and we learn more about them my interest level will rise.

Ron Glass is one of those actors I’m always delighted to see.  I’m sure he’ll show up in more episodes as he holds the key to Coulson’s “trip to Tahiti.”  My only worry is he’s going to turn out to be an Evil Doctor.  (Please, no!)


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