Best of Supernatural: Season 6, part 1

This has been an incredibly hard review to write.  No wonder season 6 was so unmemorable; it was a jumbled mess.  Or maybe it’s a mess because I didn’t watch these episodes in order.  Sometimes that can really screw with your head.

Rufus Turner helps Bobby Singer, or vice versa.

Grumpy middle-aged men.

Even so, the buildup to Sam’s soullessness was well done.  Although his behavior was a bit “off” from the beginning, we knew something was wrong in “Live Free or TwiHard,” when he let Dean get turned into a vampire.  In “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” he was immune to the truth spell.  When we finally learned what the problem was in “Family Matters,” the saga continued but with a different focus until mid-season.

Many will disagree, but Dean was insufferable.  When he wasn’t whining to Bobby about something being wrong with his brother, he was trying to run Sam’s life.  Can you imagine how Dean would react if Sam tried to make every decision for him?  In that respect, the show really does have the older/younger brother relationship down pat.

#1.  Appointment in Samarra (611)

Reviewed here.  The whole Sam’s Soul Saga comes to an end (thank goodness!), much to Sam’s displeasure.  It’s always wonderful to see Julian Richings as Death.  His return in the upcoming season premiere is just another reason to be excited for season 9.

#2.  Clap Your Hands If You Believe (609)

Yay!  Another episode already reviewed.  I love these!

#3.  Weekend at Bobby’s (603)

Sheriff Jody Mills helps Bobby Singer.

Sheriff Jody rides to Bobby’s rescue.

Jensen Ackles’ directorial debut, Rufus Turner (Steven Williams), Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes).  It could have been so much more than it was.  I blame the writers for cramming too much into the episode.  A great deal was made about monsters immigrating from Japan and Greece, and then dropped.  Bobby tortured a demon for Crowley’s location, burned her bones, summoned Crowley’s son’s ghost (needing Rufus to get a ring from… somewhere), summoned Crowley, didn’t burn his bones.  Let’s not forget Bobby’s neighbor, death by wood chipper—which trumps all.

All this and Dean’s whiny angst about something being wrong with Sam.  At least Bobby chewed them out royally.  And got his soul back.

Come to think of it, maybe the episode was meant to be a mess—kind of like Bobby’s life.

#4.  Caged Heat (610)

Sam, Dean, and Castiel (taking time out from his war in heaven with Raphael) team up with the demon Meg to hunt for Crowley.  Sam and Dean are under the impression Crowley can get Sam’s soul back.  Meg just wants Crowley dead (I think).  They find Crowley’s compound.  Castiel is expelled (by Samuel, who sold out Dean and Sam—thanks, Gramps!), Sam and Dean are celled, Meg is tortured, Sam escapes and rescues Dean, the boys free Meg, and they trap Crowley.

Sam and Dean get a verbal spanking from Bobby.

Sam and Dean get a verbal spanking from Bobby.

But Crowley can’t get Sam’s soul back.  When are the Winchesters going to realize Crowley lies like a rug?  Crowley gains the upper hand, but Castiel returns with his bones and burns them, thus killing Crowley.  (Except we know differently now.)

#5.  Family Matters (607)

Finally!  We learn Sam has no soul.  Dean now stows the whiny angst and begins deciding what to do about Sam (without consulting Sam).

Actually, quite a lot is revealed in this episode.   It’s so convoluted, I’m going to ignore most of it for now.

Grandpa Samuel is working for Crowley, the new King of Hell.  (When did that happen?  I thought it was at the end of season 6.)  Crowley says he’s the one who rescued Sam from hell and Samuel from wherever.  Except that in “The Man Who Would Be King,” Castiel says he rescued Sam, although he denied it earlier this season.

See why I’m so confused?

3 responses to “Best of Supernatural: Season 6, part 1

  1. Excellent recap as always; I would add only one thing to Family Matters (which drops it to two stars in my book) – unforgivable waste of an iconic guest star.
    They have ROBERT ENGLUND for an episode and give him a throw-away role they could have given to anyone at central casting. Boo! I say.

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