Supernatural: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (901)

Hey!  There’s a “Salute to Supernatural Convention” coming within 5 miles of me next May.  I know because they advertised it four times during the show.  And the Gold Package is already sold out!  😀

My hat’s off to all those who can write a coherent, meaningful recap/review of an episode and post it by the next morning.  I have to mull things over and rewatch the episode before I know what to say.  Even then it’s iffy.

Bobby sits in the back seat of the Impala.

Look who’s back! If only for awhile.

From reading the previews, I thought this would be a mash-up of “In My Time of Dying” and “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2.”  Not that that’s a bad thing—both were excellent episodes.  Besides, how much new ground can you cover with a show that’s in its 9th season with only two (now three) leads?  Therein lies to be the biggest complaint with “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.”  “Sam has something wrong with his head.  Again.”  “Dean makes major decisions for Sam.  Again.”  “The brothers are keeping secrets from each other.  Again.”

But you know what?  That’s ok, because there were some great new moments that made the episode worthwhile.  IGN mentioned the common ground with old episodes as well, but noted the show does a great job of adding new layers to the repeating theme of Sam and Dean nearly losing each other.

Sam’s insides have been severely burned.  Did anyone else think back to “Goodbye Stranger,” when Castiel said Sam was damaged in ways even he couldn’t heal?  Was that it?

Dean writes angel-warding sigils on the walls.

Dean has graffiti. Sam has a too short hospital bed.

We’ve often seen into Dean’s mind (“What Is and What Should Never Be” and others I can’t think of right now), but not Sam’s.  We’ve seen how Sam copes with emotional pain (not well at all!), but not necessarily what he’s thinking.  Here we got a view into Sam’s psyche.

One’s perspective always colors ones view, though.  Where some thought Sam’s talks with Bobby, Dean, and Death were a nod to Sam’s “selfishness” and resentment to Dean, I saw Sam’s guilt.  When Dean knifed Bobby and took a swing at Sam, Sam was admitting he was letting his brother down.

Then there was Castiel, washing his clothes and drinking water, learning to be human.  (Thank goodness it’s adios to the the damn trench coat!)  I was sort of hoping he’d burp after he finished the bottle.  Actually, I want Cass to meet up with the Winchesters soon, to share their adventures, rather than have his own.  (Although I know there’s a faction that would like Dean and Castiel to ride off into the sunset, leaving Sam to do whatever with whomever.)

After reading all the Sam hate and Jared dissing at Television Without Pity, it’s nice to surf the web to find more sane Supernatural fans.  Zap2It has praise for Jared Padalecki, getting to play two roles for a while, after he blew it out of the water with “Sacrifice.”  Now that’s refreshing to read.

I may have found a kindred spirit at  She calls season 8 “Season GR8,” and her feelings for Castiel mirror my own.  She does have a (quite humorous) bit of frustration with Dean’s inability to grow.

Julian Richings plays Dean on Supernatural

Oh Death.

Actually, here I saw Dean’s desire to change, to let Sam make his own choices.  But when he sees Sam talking with Death, saying he wants to stay dead, Dean panics.  I don’t blame him.  It’s a strong (and true) statement of the toll death (not capital D) takes on us.  The people who suffer are not the ones who die, but those of us left behind.

And let me say, once again, because it needs to be said as many times as possible, just how much I love Julian Richings—even if he wasn’t eating junk food.

Watching the episode a second time made it even more enjoyable, albeit bittersweet.  The camera fades out on Dean, but Sam’s last words are a loving, fitting tribute to the show, “We’ve got work to do.”  Gosh, that makes me smile

3 responses to “Supernatural: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (901)

  1. I am in full agreement with you! I thought Jared killed it in the finale and did a great job channeling Tamoh. The best thing about retreading their issues (secrets, lying, etc.) is how well they’ve motivated it. Dean very much wanted to do what Sam would have wanted, but he’s incapable of letting him go. Anything less than fighting for him would have been out of character.

    It was interesting that Sam was ready to die when he was in his coma, but when he woke up he was ready to work.

    • You bring up great points. Well, I guess you agree with me, so of course they’re great points! 😉 I’m really looking forward to this year.

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