Agents of SHIELD: Eye Spy (105)

I’m foregoing the “Marvel’s” because I get no royalties from the company.  I’m also dropping the periods in “S.H.I.E.L.D.” because it’s too damn cumbersome to type.  Besides, I’m a Navy vet, and the US Navy doesn’t use periods in any of their abbreviations.  And they use a lot of acronyms.  So many, they even have a Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations, or DICNAVAB.  I kid you not!

Last week we had the conception of a super villain; this week, the birth of an Evil Mysterious Organization.  And the best episode to date.  It kept me interested the entire time, with a killer twist ending (literally).  Excellent!

Phil Coulson meets with a former protégé,

Protégé and mentor, together again

In “Eye Spy,” one of Phil Coulson’s protoge’s has gone rogue, stealing $30 million worth of diamonds.  Phil (don’t call him that to his face) is sure there’s more to the story, and he still has faith in her.  Once the team finds her they realize she has a Terminator-like eye, through which she receives her nefarious instructions.  Coulson is vindicated!  They also discover her eye is a fail safe, designed to detonate in case she’s compromised.  Wow, exploding eyeballs again. That never gets old!  😀

Of course, beyond all possible odds, SHIELD saves the day.  They rescue the woman, hijack her optical feed to a pair of glasses (so that her handlers aren’t aware she’s no longer under their control), surgically remove her evil eye (ha!), and complete the mission.  The mission?  Photograph some chalkboard writing which looks like some type of formula or circuit diagram.  Or alien writing.  (Wish I’d thought of that.)

The best part?  When they track down her handler, a heavyset former MI6 operative, Coulson confronts him with his badge.  The man utters “Oh, God,” and his eye immediately explodes (well, internally—it fills with blood) and he falls over dead.  Tada!  Birth of Evil Mysterious Organization.  This should make for an exciting year!

There’s much talk about Coulson being a kinder, gentler version of himself, but since I have no idea how he was before he was”killed,” I have no reference.  It’s just one more hint to Coulson being (I suspect) an artificial version of himself, but with his real brain.  Take that with a grain of salt.  My predictions on these sorts of things usually turn out to be wrong.


4 responses to “Agents of SHIELD: Eye Spy (105)

  1. I’ve been enjoying the show all along (I lowered my expectations in proportion to how high they were originally LOL) but I agree this one was the best. I liked how everyone is finally starting to mesh and the chemistry is developing.

    I think you’re reading the Coulson stuff right. Melinda May, the only one on the team who really knew him before New York, chalked differences up to the near-death experience, but Amador said “What did they DO to him?” right before she had to leave. Intriguing, since she made it sound like it’s an unfavorable difference. I think he has some idea what they did to him, since he keeps saying “It’s a magical place,” about Tahiti.

    LOVED the twist at the end, the setup of a Big Bad, and also the order to “Seduce him.” I barked a laugh. 🙂

    • It’s amazing how much more enjoyable a show is when you don’t have high expectations! Why watch a show you constantly bitch about? *cough*Supernatural on TWoP*cough*

      I believe I barked right along with you at “Seduce him.” And Ward’s meek “Help,” was excellent.

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